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How to setup: Align the left Joy-Con controllers with the left rail of the Joy-Con Comfort Grip making sure the Minus symbol is at the top. Slide the Joy-Con controller all the way down until you see the player indicator light turn on. Repeat for the right Joy-Con controller.

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The controller grip gets the job done at a decent savings. This grip is an officially licensed Nintendo accessory manufactured by a third party. Nothing at all wrong with this, I've been buying third party accessories since the original NES launched. The grip tracks that the Joy-Cons slide into are plastic, not a metal track like the one sold by Nintendo. I am giving this a 4 star review because the grip serves its purpose however, there is one flaw. I feel there is a bit of a flaw with the design tolerance with left Joy-Con track. The left track is a snug fit (after a few days of removing/inserting it is loosening up) and takes a bit of effort to insert and remove the left Joy-Con. The right slides right in and out with very little effort while still keeping the controller locked in place. I like this much better than the Nintendo version. Is the tight fit worth returning or not buying? No, I'd buy another if I needed another grip because the grip still works and it saved me a few dollars.
This grip is a little larger and fits better in adult hands. It's more ergonomic than the original and fits a little more comfortably. Kids shouldn't have an issue with it either since it's smaller than most other controllers. Will buy again if I purchase another set of joy-cons, but it's unlikely at $80 a pop.
PowerA Nintendo Switch Joy-Con comfort grip is a Nintendo licensed product. At first glance it looks like the original comfort grip, but it isn't. It's a little wider in the middle, has plastic tracks to slide the joycon into, has a rubber grip, and has bumps on the back where your forefinger sits. The plastic tracks is a little disappointing, but for $10 I can't complain. However, the left side is really difficult to slide the joycon into. It is so difficult, that I do not want to try for fear of damaging the fine plastic pieces on the joycon itself. This is a serious issue with the joycon which is why I chose to return it. I hope that this issue will be resolved soon because this is a Nintendo licensed product.Also, this comfort grip does not plug in anywhere, similar to the original.

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