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Play your favorite Nintendo Switch games like a pro with this officially icensed PowerA enhanced wireless Controller. Built for comfort during extended gaming sessions, this Bluetooth wireless controller features motion controls, mappable advanced gaming Buttons, and standard ergonomic layout....

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Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  It worked well for about 3 weeks and now drift has set in, and it's worse than on a joy con. I bought this because PowerA was known as a good 3rd party maker of accessories, so much so that No3was willing to give it their seal of approval. I got this for the express purpose of not having to deal with drift. As you see in the video, it likes to go up.
I got this just over a 1 month ago. When I first took it out of the box, the left joystick was a little non responsive, felt like you had to work it a bit, but we just assumed it was because it's wireless and the PowerA and not the official Nintendo Pro controller. It seemed better for about two weeks and then felt like there was just a little bit of drift on the left joystick (nothing too noticeable). Fast forward to today and the left joystick just drifts heavily to the right. Even on the game screen it just scrolls right on through all of our games on its own. The only way to stop it is to restart the Switch but if the controller gets turned back on, it just scrolls randomly to the right.Luckily I was within the return window. Since I got this at a good "Black Friday" price, I decided to exchange it instead of returning it, so we will see how the performance is on the exchange I receive.Honestly, I am a little disappointed that the drift on this thing happened within a month of having it. To give you an idea, I have PS4 controllers that I have had for years that get more daily use than this controller got and they have never had drifting issues. We got this one specifically to avoid wear on our JoyCons (we only use the JoyCons when we need to since they are notorious for developing drifting issues), so for this to have this sort of issue so quickly, it really makes me question the quality of this controller.
Opened the box to find a very beautiful controller, plugged it in fired up the switch and got it connected. First off you can’t check the battery level on this controller ( or mine was malfunctioned in this area) second it stayed connected for a total of 3 minutes then disconnected from my switch with all lower green lights staying on I’d take that as an indication the battery hasn’t been depleted. So I decided to plug it in to play very unsuccessfully I might add. Then I thought I’d charge it over night and try it again the next day, same problem connects then disconnects a few minutes later with no success at reconnecting it either wired or wireless. Wouldn’t waste your money on this go buy a pro controller off Etsy or something before purchasing this.

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