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Play your favorite Nintendo Switch games like a Pro with this Officially Licensed Power enhanced wireless Controller. Designed for comfort during extended gaming sessions, this Bluetooth wireless Controller features matte Black design with red accents, motion controls, standard layout, and...

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This controller is pretty legit. I pre-ordered it and I'm very happy with it. Every button works and feels good. The controller is very light so it feels cheap but it works without a doubt. Id give it 5 stars but I'm hesitant due to the fact that ALL switch controllers including the joycons are know for ghosting anolog sticks and my PowerA wired controller is showing signs of ghosting. I'm hoping this controller has upgraded sticks but we will see. If there is no ghosting then this controller WAAAAAY better than Nintendo's Pro ControllerUPDATE: I've been heavily gaming with this controller and it's held up so far. No ghosting in the sticks, and the buttons have no sign of wear. Definitely worth the money!**UPDATE** MAY 2019-My controller just died after 7 months of use. I didn't even get a full year out of it. Just shut off and never turned back on even with a fresh set of batteries. Smh...
I bought this controller primarily (but not only) to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I realize that PowerA also has a GameCube inspired controller, but opted for this one instead since it would feel weird playing other Switch games with the GC button layout and I didn't want to have the one Pro Controller i intend to buy be one designed for ONE specific game.First off, the look and feel is great. The controller has a clean, sleek, minimal design that matches that of the Switch and it's house brand accessories. It plays well with games like Mario Odyssey and Graceful Explosion Machine (the only other Switch games I own and was able to test this out on.) Smash is a different story. The main drawback is with the primary (left) joystick. It just doesn't work well for dedicated players when you need it to. The reason being is that It sticks up far too much from the base of the controller, giving you a very "loose" feel regarding character movement. In other words, it makes directional movements far too sensitive. This might work good for shooters, but who plays FPS on the Switch? Maybe I'm one of the few who've experienced this, but nearly every match I play I get a directional button mishap or mistimed smash because of this controller. If anyone is used to playing Smash w/the GC controller, you will definitely have an adjustment to make with how you play, or just go with a different controller completely.Another minor complaint is that the controller doesn't feel solid in your hands. Perhaps because of its light weight (which I assume is because there is neither Amiibo or vibration support. i.e. less parts). I feel the bottom side could have a small concave indentation were the tips of your fingers meet the base of the "bars" of the controller. Instead, there are two programmable buttons positioned here, which honestly most people will never use and ends up diminishing the overall feel of the controller in your hands. Width feels great however and from that aspect feels like it was designed for adults. Compared to the Joy-Con controllers in a docking unit, which is still "too small" for me and many other adult gamers. Now, These aren't necessarily deal breakers for me as I intend to use this as my primary Pro Controller for the system going fwd, but for Smash specifically there are some design flaws that will become an ongoing annoyance for non-casual players and perhaps a deal breaker for others.
I'm a 15 year old that plays way too many video games. Got this controller about three months ago for the advanced gaming buttons on the back, which actually work quite well, are very easy to program, but are awkward to reach and press. For the first month I was rather in denial, the controller feels extremely cheap, very very low quality plastic, only about a month in I found myself wishing I just forked over the extra 20 bucks for the real deal. I decided to keep going with it because the buttons on the back were very handy, but I was just constantly disappointed. The buttons click super loud and are obnoxious to deal with, the weight is not balanced whatsoever, making it feel very uncomfortable, the joysticks feel unresponsive, and the product as a whole feels clunky and awkward.Anyways, ignoring these slight disadvantages, the controller lasted me about two months, now it is very unresponsive, with the buttons and joystick inputs barely working, the joysticks have gotten extremely loose and are starting to drift my character in a way I did not input.Overall, very disappointed. You can tell that PowerA was out to save every last penny with these controllers. The only good thing about this controller is the buttons on the back which are actually not realistically usable because of their troublesome position. Everything else about it looks cheap, feels cheap, and is not durable whatsoever.Just put in the extra 20$

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