PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch – Animal Crossing: K.K. Slider, 38.99, 49.99, $, .

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Explore your deserted island getaway in animal crossing: New horizons on Nintendo Switch with this officially licensed PowerA enhanced wireless controller. Designed for comfort during extended gaming sessions, this Bluetooth wireless controller features K.K. Slider design, motion controls,...

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This controller is pretty legit. I pre-ordered it and I'm very happy with it. Every button works and feels good. The controller is very light so it feels cheap but it works without a doubt. Id give it 5 stars but I'm hesitant due to the fact that ALL switch controllers including the joycons are know for ghosting anolog sticks and my PowerA wired controller is showing signs of ghosting. I'm hoping this controller has upgraded sticks but we will see. If there is no ghosting then this controller WAAAAAY better than Nintendo's Pro ControllerUPDATE: I've been heavily gaming with this controller and it's held up so far. No ghosting in the sticks, and the buttons have no sign of wear. Definitely worth the money!**UPDATE** MAY 2019-My controller just died after 7 months of use. I didn't even get a full year out of it. Just shut off and never turned back on even with a fresh set of batteries. Smh...
For the price, it’s a very cheap product. You can’t charge it and the plastic is cheap. I’m very disappointed in this because I was very excited to finally get an animal crossing themed controller. For the same price on my ps4 I can get a really nice controller. I guess I’ll keep it though because my lizard likes to sit on it
I was a bit skeptical that such a cool looking controller would be decent but I was pleasantly surprised (I bough the Mario version). I tried it on Mega Man 11 and Street Fighter just to see the responsiveness and it passed with flying colors. The extra buttons seem well placed and easy to use but I haven't tried them out yet. Seems like you could hit them by accident but again, I haven't actually set them up. Controller is easy to set up BTW. Just one button needed to sync unlike some other controllers.So why four stars? Well it is AA battery powered, so not rechargeable. Not a huge deal and I kind of like being able to just add batteries instead of waiting for it to charge. But it is an extra expense you have to deal with. Batteries lasted pretty good so far. I ahve about 8 hours of play on it and it still works fine. Also, a point off for no rumble function. Not a huge deal for me but worth mentioning. And finally, it's not red all over. Would have been really cool but it's still decent looking with the black back panel. Overall, very nice controller and I will prob order the zelda one soon.

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