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The PowerA enhanced wired Controller for Xbox One introduces a new form factor that looks familiar, feels comfortable in your hands, has a soft-touch rubberized Finish, and works with all your games. This Officially Licensed Xbox Controller features two mappable advanced gaming buttons on back,...

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I bought this back in June and I loved it, instantly became my favorite controller I ever bought. Great price, it feels almost as good as a standard Microsoft controller and I can no longer go without the paddles. Thumbsticks felt great, bumpers felt better than original, buttons were crisp and responsive. Build quality really feels superb.One weird thing to note is the USB port - there's a little notch put there presumably to prevent the port getting damaged from the cable wiggling around. The included cable fits well but makes it so most other cables won't fit. It wouldn't be too hard to remove that notch but it should've been opposite - put the notch on the included cable and a hole for it on the controller itself, so any cable could fit if need be.First thing I noticed - audio through this sounds like crap. I'm not an audiophile so the sound is OK to me, but there is a constant electrical buzzing that you can always hear. It's nice having the option there, but it's pretty bad. I haven't had any problems with the mic as far as I remember.Within a couple weeks of first using it, I start noticing the Xbox guide button was hit or miss. I would tap it, nothing would happen for a few seconds, then a screen would appear asking to shut down the Xbox (as if I held it for 3 seconds). That gradually got more and more noticeable with me hitting it 5 or 6 times with no response, holding it down fairly hard, then tapping again before it eventually activates. By the start of October, it works maybe 10% of the time if I'm being generous. Very frustrating if I'm trying to screenshot quickly or something.By 4ish weeks, the left trigger began randomly activating (so I'd repeatedly go from aiming a weapon and back to normal, several times per second). I'd have to mash the trigger to make it stop, but it would return within 10 minutes. Pretty common issue and ruins the game when it comes up.The worst part - which prompted me to write a whiny review - is the right thumbstick. The internal mechanism is absolute trash. I noticed slight drifting after 6-8 weeks, and it quickly worsened to the point that I can no longer use the controller. I opened the controller to inspect it, I can't physically see the problem but it's crazy loose and never re-centers. I tried blowing the gunk out of it, putting in rubbing alcohol to clean it, and shaver lube to see if something was stuck but no luck, it's still just as bad. The left thumbstick is great however, very tight and smooth to move. What sucks is that zero of my Xbox games have any form of deadzone adjustment, so the camera is constantly, constantly drifting up or to the right. I tried to get decent pictures of how bad it is - these are just from moving the controller back and forth, the thumbstick is just that loose.Update: looked closer and discovered the thumbstick sensor/mechanism is a different size from OEM, by a millimeter or so. Same pins and same shape, but just barely incompatible so I couldn't get a replacement to fit.
I just received this today and have played with it a little over 2 hours, but I'm very impressed with it for the price. I have both an xBox 360 wired controller and the Steam controller (which is my main controller for games like Rocket League and indies) in place, and wanted this because I like the form factor of the 360, but find the rear paddles on the Steam controller crucial for how I play. I'm extremely pleased to say in that criteria, the Power A Enhanced controller meets this mix perfectly! It feels great, and the rear triggers are well placed, though not nearly as large as the Steam. The thumbsticks are excellent and have comfortable gripping for constant use. The surface does have a great feel, and the overall build is strong and solid.The area where it loses a half star for me is the squishiness of the triggers and rear paddle buttons. It'll take some getting used to, but I don't think it's a deal-breaker by any means. Another area (which caused me to check off the 4 stars) is the "proprietary" cable you need to use for the controller. It's a long cable for sure (9.8ft), but like someone else mentioned, the cable jack has a notch that only accepts their usb connector - it's no different than any micro-usb connector, but only theirs will fit. The triggers are also a little cheaper in their plastic quality over the 360 controller or the Steam, but they don't wobble or feel like they will break under use. Setting the rear paddles is extremely easy, and a no-brainer.Overall, the feel, build, and options set this above the class competition - especially at anything even close to this price-point. There are some minor quibbles, but to get these options elsewhere in this form factor, you'd be able to buy 4 of these in its place. It's worth a purchase and I will consider another to build out multiplayer options going forward.***Update: October '18I felt I needed to update my star rating and explanation. I have dropped the quality to a 3, as the rear paddle buttons are not consistent. As a more specific answer, playing Rocket League, my rear right paddle is set to boost. During a match, there are intermittent times when the button will not function, drastically changing the outcome of my jump, clear, shot, etc. In training mode, I've been able to recreate the button not working using the same force, angle, pressure as when it does work, though I cannot determine the frequency of the issue. This is very disappointing as it is still a great controller in every other sense.***Update: October '18No reply from company through their customer support system. The rear AGR button continues to get worse, often acting as nothing is happening (not even a delay). I have no confidence in this controller and I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED in the quality at this point. It's JUNK. Seriously, do not buy this. Save yourself the headache and get something better. To Power A - We gave you a chance to put out a product and support it. YOU FAILED.*****Update December '18:I FINALLY received service after multiple attempts to contact and get the replacement going (calling seemed to help, but it was clearly a 3rd party company that sounded like it doubles as a daycare in the background). I filled out the email they sent me 3 different times (including the tiny numbers on the back of the controller), and was finally sent a replacement for free. Kudos for that. BUT... the replacement controller has a sticking "A" button right out of the box. This stuff is JUNK. Avoid this if possible. It's a great idea that meets the "wants" of a controller with this ability (rear buttons), but falls extremely short in delivering anything of quality.I'm not even going to bother with another round of customer service. Going to eat my losses and go back to my Steam Controller.
Purchased the controller in June as a backup and I started using the controller at the beginning of Septemeber. The right trigger now gets stuck. I never dropped or spilled anything on the controller. I mostly use the controller for Fortnite. The controller just honestly malfunctioned. I DO NOT recommend this controller unless you have a thirty dollars to waste.

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