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The PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox One is built with our latest ergonomics, has a storm inspired spider lightning design, and works with all your games. This officially licensed Xbox controller features two mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons on back, dual rumble motors, and 3.5mm stereo...

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This is my second PowerA controller I've purchased and I think I'm done testing their products for them. After shipping delays the controller seemed to work fine for a month or two with little difficulty. The programmable buttons were a nice feature, and one of the few issues I ran into was if my headset became unplugged my mic would not function until I reset the console. Unfortunately the right trigger (the primary button in FPS games) will randomly act as if pressed despite not having my finger on it at all. It started off with a phantom tap here and there, and now will act as if I was holding down the trigger at random intervals. This is a huge issue as most of the game modes I play have "friendly fire" and randomly shooting when teammates are around is a problem. Whether you pay $30 for this or $60 for a M$ controller you will get a failure from one of the bumpers or triggers eventually. It is insane that no one can create a quality product 1st or 3rd party.
I rarely used this controller once I got it. I have it as a backup and for 2 player games. I maybe used the controller a total of 10 times. I never dropped it or spilled anything on it, it just kinda sat on the shelf. The thumbsticks started spazzing out and now have a mind of their own, scrolling everywhere without me even touching the controller! I liked the feel of the controller but if it cant function properly, what is the point! UPDATE! I returned this controller only to get another defective one. The left trigger was sticky / mechanical parts made the trigger hard to press. I do like the feel of this controller but the quality control and longevity is horrible. Look elsewhere. Trust me...
Even when brand new it never worked on par with Microsoft controllers. Stiff, sticky, squeaking sticks right out of the box, but I thought maybe it just needed broken in, and boy was I wrong. Within two months the right stick's pitch stopped working correctly--I can't left or right turn without looking up or down--making the controller absolutely useless! >:-/Of course, I didn't realize the controller was rubbish until about 2 days AFTER the return date period. I'm still going to contact Amazon, because it looks like this is a fairly common issue with this controller. Bottom line, this controller is NOT reliable or recommended.UPDATE: In my experience as a long-term Amazon customer (18+ yrs), the company is usually very good about ensuring customer satisfaction, but in this instance they connected me with PowerA support instead of accepting a late return. 🙁 That would have been fine if PowerA would have kept their promise to replace the junk controller, but after a lengthy and pleasant interaction with PowerA support, I've yet to hear back from them, or receive a replacement controller even though they have ALL my contact information. I shouldn't have to repeatedly contact a company to honor their warranties, which is why I'm NEVER buying a PowerA product again. The controller may look/feel nice on the outside, but its inner parts are rubbish, and PowerA cannot be trusted to do right by their products or customers.

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