PowerA Dual Charging Station for Xbox – Black, Wireless Controller Charging, Charge, Rechargeable Battery, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One – Xbox Series X, 24.84, 29.99, $, .

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Charge or display your Xbox wireless Controllers with this officially Licensed dual charging station that eliminates the cost of replacement batteries. Included are four battery doors (two for Xbox series x|s/ two for Xbox One) plus two 1100 mah rechargeable batteries for up to 40 hours of...

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I owned the Xbox One version of this charger, and while that one was great, I have to say they perfected the design in this new one.Pros:- They replaced the slippery texture back-cover with one that actually matches the controller. The back-cover matches perfectly with the controller, it looks and feels part of it now. This really surprised me. I was expecting to get that cheap plastic cover.- They switched the green/red light with an orange/white light. The new light is not as blinding in the dark and looks really sleek.- I feel like it's easier to line up the controller with the charger now, maybe. You had to fiddle with it sometimes with the previous version.- Includes both Xbox One and Xbox Series X back-covers, both the improved version. If you still have an Xbox One controller, it's still worth getting this.- Also includes the charger. Can't say that about some products (even the Xbox Series X controller doesn't come with one anymore).- As great and easy to use as the previous version. Just put the battery in, and when you're not using the controller, place the controller on the stand to charge. It's as easy and thought-free as that. You never have to do anything else with the battery again.Cons:- While it's easier to line up the battery and charger, I still had it randomly start flashing and had to realign it. This was a problem with the previous one too, shouldn't happen often, but I'll have to see with time.- Still uses a micro-USB cable. Not a big deal since it includes it, but it's 2020.It's like they took all of the complaints with the previous version and improved them all. Quite amazing. Highly recommended for all people who use an Xbox controller.
Product works great it comes with 4 back pieces 2 different sizes. The back pieces fit you just have to look a the pieces one is for the controller that comes with your console. The other piece fits the controller you buy separately. For some reason the shock blue controller back piece is different. Power a provides both sizes. Excellent product.
This charger is awful. The battery only last about 8 hours and that's playing off and on throughout the day. No where near 20 hours. I place the controller on the charger properly before heading to bed only to wake up to the light flickering like it's not properly set, even though it was solid and placed right. Well the flickering thing causes it to not charge right. So in the morning battery is not fully charged. This flickering crap has happened twice in the 3 days I've had this garbage. I could look past that but this battery doesn't last very long, so its going back. Get something better. Also the plastic this thing is made out of feels super cheap.

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