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Officially Licensed by Xbox, the Xbox One charging station eliminates the cost of replacement batteries. Keep your Xbox One wireless Controllers fully-charged and ready to game! Controller battery level is indicated on the screen, so there's no need to take your eyes off the action. Each charging...

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Was skeptical at first because of price and was wondering if they’d be some cheap die fast batteries. But wow they last a couple days with hard gaming and I always have a 2nd back up that I never run out of juice! Also you can charge these bad boys 3 ways! With a charge cable in the battery itself ,a charging dock or charge cable in the remote
Looking through the reviews it seemed there was a mix of positive and negative. But I risked it for the biscuit and damn I'm happy with these. In the amount of time I've used these I probably would have went through about 16 sets of batteries. (Multiple people in my house play the Xbox so it's on all of the time basically) In the amount of time I've had these, which is about a month, I've only had to recharge them both a couple of times. The charge last between 3-4 days on each battery. That's outstanding considering about 80% of the time I also have a headset hooked up to the controller. The charger cable it comes with is legit about 10 feet long, and the back battery covers are of high quality work no breaking and way to place onto the back panel of the controller. Bottom line, best purchase I've made accessory wise for the Xbox. I COULDN'T recommend these enough for the ridiculous low price on them.Edit: updating my review 2 years later and these things are still holding up perfectly. They still hold charge for about the same length of time, which is multiple days and pretty heavy sessions. I can’t recommend these enough. This sounds dramatic, but this literally has to be the #1 best budget purchase of an item I have ever made. If you want rechargeable battery packs for your controller, you can’t go wrong with these. 2-3 years of having the same battery packs, and holding the same charge this entire time is astounding. If you’re looking at these, don’t second guess it. Just purchase them.
The PowerA Charging Station looks great, but I returned it within a few days.I purchased this with the  PowerA Play & Charge Kit For Xbox One  as both items state they are compatible with each other.As other reviews mentioned, it can be difficult to get the controller seated just right but I discovered that pushing the top part of the stand to dock and undock works much better than pushing down on the controller itself.The lights are supposed to be in three states;- No light. No controller, or it's not seated properly (which you will experience a lot).- Solid red light. Charging.- Solid green light. Charged.The charging stand I received had an additional feature;- Slightly dimmer buzzing red light (not a steady blinking pattern, more like a short circuit) when no controller was on the stand. This only happened on the left side.I have seen comments that a blinking red light means the battery is inserted the wrong way around. Based on the controller and battery design, it does not seem possible to insert this battery the wrong way and put the battery cover on.You can only see the LED lights if the stand is at eye-level, or you move several feet away from the stand. I had this charger on a 2ft tall media center, and so in order to see the LED lights I had to duck down or walk back several feet. With the difficulty in getting the controller seated just right, and the LED lights being the only way to determine this, it would be better if the lights were in another location.Despite the faulty light, the stand appeared to charge the included batteries quite fast and the battery life seemed ok. Slightly better than my 4 year old PDP/Energizer stand/batteries, but nowhere close to the XBox plug and charge kit batteries.When used with the orange PowerA Play & Charge Kit batteries, it appeared to charge the batteries but generated a lot of heat. The back of the controller itself was hot, and when I took the battery out of the controller it was almost too hot to touch.With the faulty LED lights, the difficult seating and docking procedure, and the heat issues - I felt I could not trust this item to not melt my controller or burn my house down.Pros;- Looks great.- Compatible with other PowerA items.Cons;- Poor seating design, difficult to get the controller contacts to line up with stand pins.- Flimsy 'push down to dock / undock' concept.- LED lights can not easily be seen if the stand is a few feet below eye level.

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