Poundland Blu-ray Discs – The Truth Regarding New Or Pre-owned?

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A lot of videos on YouTube are showing Blu-ray discs that Poundland stock, and speculation from many posters who claim different opinions on wether the discs are new or used, so I recently contacted their customer services and enquired to find out from the source instead of public opinions.

Thankyou to Diane, from Poundlands customer services who kindly answered the questions everyone’s debating on… she said they sell new and pre-owned Blu-ray’s, the pre-owned have the ‘replay’ sticker on, and Poundland are working on a new sticker system to explain new or pre-owned discs more clearly.

I’ve personally have not seen any pre-owned Blu-ray’s, up here in the North East, the stores that stock Blu-ray’s have between 12-24 different titles, and most stores have huge stocks of normal dvds.

The pink/red sticker on back of Blu-ray case is for Poundlands own stock identification.

I’ve been into home cinema since the late 80’s and have seen many changes from beta/VHS, laserdisc, dvds, and now blu-rays, and haven’t really been purchasing dvds for many years, but finding myself buying Blu-ray’s mostly from Poundland, simply because the value of £1 per title is outstanding compared to anything in previous formats, and that’s for the best quality out of previous formats as well, and worth spending a pound on titles you normally wouldn’t buy, that has to be good for the film industry, public buying films when normally they wouldn’t.

I’d like to say a huge thankyou to Poundland for doing what no one else is doing, selling Blu-ray’s at a fantastic price, keep up the good work.


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