Ponkor Docking Station for Nintendo Switch, Charging Dock 4K HDMI TV Adapter Charger Set Good Replacement compatible with Official Nintendo Switch Dock (Upgraded System), 33.99, 0, $, .

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Ponkor is a professional leader in gaming equipment accessories. We had been committed to gaming accessories and charger ten years. Choose Ponkor, everything is worry free!This portable switch dock is a must have for player who are looking to play on-the-go. It can replace the official Nintendo...

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It's a very nice simple mini dock and the price of it is just right. I saw answers saying that the Switch does fit on this dock even with a case on, which I guess isn't a complete lie cause yeah it does fit even with the case on to the point you see the blue light on the dock is on, but nothing shows on the monitor at all no matter how much I move it with the case on, but with the case off I can feel it go in a little more and it shows on the monitor as well.(Update)I've updated this from 4 to 5 stars cause I did just find out it does work on the monitor even with the case on, you just have to push down on it a bit harder when the case is on, and if that doesn't work just take the Switch off and put it back on a few times, then it shows up on the monitor. Wish it would fit just a bit better with the case on since it fits perfectly with the case on in the original dock. If I could, I'd give this 4 and a half stars.(Update 2)I just found a much easier way to get this to fit the Switch perfectly even with the case on so that it always shows up on the monitor, I just opened it up using a thin flat screwdriver and took out these two springs that pushes it up in the front and now it always works 100% perfectly even on the monitor even with the Switch case on.
This dock is fantastic! It is so small that I can literally take it anywhere. I just got it today and wasn’t totally for sure if it was going to work as well as the one that came with my switch, but it does. I used the power adapter that came with my dock, so please understand that if you don’t have the 15v switch adapter it isn’t going to be 1080p. The cool thing is that it accepts the input and it’s easy to buy an aftermarket power adapter.
I've been using this dock for a week and I feel like I can leave a somewhat proper review now. So far, there are so many things great with it.It's just as portable as advertised on the box and in the description of the item. Something this small can easily fit in either my pockets or a small pouch in my bag. The build quality doesn't feel bad or cheap at all. In fact, it feels quite durable for being 3rd party. The system ventilates well and doesn't overheat for such a simplistic way of doing it. There are little holes in the back of the dock which let the air cycle through. Though this does expose the wiring and main board underneath the plastic. Also, unlike other 3rd party switch docks, this comes with the regular three USB slots along with the HDMI and power cord which brings this one up by a lot.When the switch is in the dock, my main concern before using it was how sturdy the dock held the switch. After testing it a bit, I learned that it's sturdier than I thought. It might be easy to physically take it off, but it doesn't get easily knocked off. When playing on a TV, it feels just like a regular dock with no input delay. The button on the back is responsive and quick to change from TV to charging mode.My only concern with this really is that this isn't officially licensed by Nintendo. There have been cases of switches being bricked by third party docks after the 5.0 update, so I'm a little concerned to use this dock further (even though I'll definitely still use it). However, mine is still in great shape. We'll just have to see over time.In the end, I highly recommend this dock among other ones (even if this is the first 3rd part dock I've used). Though be careful about your switch possibly breaking from 3rd party use, even though it doesn't seem to be a problem with this one.

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