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Don the role of a Pokémon Trainer as you travel through Kanto; Discover a new species of Pokémon with the Pokémon Lets Go series; Catch Pokémon in the wild using a gentle throwing motion with either a Joy-Con controller or a Poké Ball Plus accessory, which will light up, vibrate, and make sounds...

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Putting aside cutting ability, breeding, wild pokemon battles, held items, $40 Mew paywall, assuming modern kids are more stupid to make the game super easy, etc, this game is still a disgusting cash grab because of several reasons:1. There are only 151+2 pokemon....(Gotta Catch 'Em All? Impossible! poor Lance, you can only use seadra since it cannot evolve)2. lagging problem especially if you use lure in virdian forest. Really hard to believe after 3ds age, GF still has lagging problems on NS console.... (GF tech skills number one!)3.The post game content is the shortest ever since the NDS age...(kids now like mobile games, they do not spend time on a console game, so no need to make post game contents!)Also, beating the 151 pokemon masters is the most boring post game content ever... What is the fun of raising a metapod to a high level and make it pound another metapod...... I was thinking that GF might design some minigames for pokemon like metapod, magikarp, and ditto. I really overestimated GF.....4.Many moves are cut in this game, including dragon dances, aura sphere, etc. Other than the moves in gen 1, less than half of the original moves survived in this game. ( a dragonite and gyarados cannot learn dragon dance, a mew two cannot learn aura sphere and psystrike... that is ridiculous)5. Many people are aware that ability, wild pokemon battles and held items are cut, but that's not all! No weather, no fishing, no games in the casino game corner (some people might argue about the gambling law forces them to cut it blablabla... but keep in mind, in HGSS, GF designed a new game to replace the casino game in the game center. But in this game, they just cut it...). Also , no day/night cycle ( children should not play at night, parents will be worried!)6. Even though there are only 151+2 pokemon in this game, the pokemon models still have no improvements since pokemon X and Y. It has been 4 years, GF still makes no effort to improve the models (Blatoise, can you at least shoot hydro pump from your cannons instead of from your forehead?)7. Despite annual subscriptions, there are even less online features than before. (wonder trade, GTS,battle spot? Cut cut cut!!!)8. Many new fans might say they really like interacting with their partner pokemon. But in USUM, you can play with more than 800 pokemon rather than with only one partner pokemon.......Some people might argue: we have told you haters many times! This game is not a main series game and the game for your hardcore fans is coming in 2019! However, Matsuda has said several times in interviews that this is a main series game.........He obviously wants hardcore fans to consider it as a main series game and accept it, but I do not think it works out. A good game, such as Odyssey and Zelda, can keep its hardcore fans happy while attracting new fans. If a game causes a huge division between hardcore fans and new coming fans, that game cannot be considered successful.Also, with less pokemon and a smaller map without sevii island, the game content is even less than FRLG, a game from more than 10 yrs ago. The step back is really disappointing. Since 3ds age, the post game content has been extremely poor comparing to nds games. GF has been stepping back for several year and this game demonstrates that the stepping back is still ongoing. (However, critics like IGN and Famitsu will like it since they can beat the elite four and champion easily and give a quick review. It really makes their job much easier.) In the previous nds games, both hardcore fans and new fans can enjoy the game. Hardcore fans can challenge themselves by playing in Battle Frontier or PWT and new fans can just beat the game and put it away. However, this game totally gives up hardcore fans by removing the most contents without adding any new thing for them.At last, pokemon is about adventure, battling, and collecting. For fans loving adventure, there is not any new city and island on the map to explore with the small original Kanto map. For fans loving battling, the battling is too simple to be fun without abilities and held items. For fans loving collecting, there are only 151+2 pokemon to collect. The game deserves the criticism around it.
Overall, I was really excited to get this game. I had played all of the gameboy pokemon games throughout my childhood and only dreamed about playing the pokemon game on my TV or on the go with such a big vibrant screen.After playing it for two days now, I am pretty disappointed by it. The wild pokemon encounters don't actually let you battle the pokemon. Instead, you just spend the next 2 minutes of your life flicking your wrist repeatedly until you catch the dumb pokemon. While I was annoyed with this, I thought that it may be fun for my 5-year-old to try out. After about 10 minutes, however, he was bored with the game mechanics of repeatedly catching pokemon as well. How hard is it to just provide the ability to battle wild pokemon as well as catch them?Its also extremely easy to level up your pokemon. If you catch a wild pokemon all of your pokemon get a decent amount of XP. Within about an hour of playing, I had a bunch of random pokemon caught and all of the main pokemon in my party were around lvl 12. Very little battling occurred to get me to that point, though, and instead, I just had 8 different metapods and other duplicate random pokemon caught and stored. So dumb.Overall, if you enjoy wasting your time on a game that requires no skill at all and very little fun, buy this game. As for me, I am probably going to return it as it was expensive at launch with very little fun to be had.Instead of having an emphasis on training your pokemon and leveling up, you can now pet your Pikachu. Its fun for about 2 seconds and then you will probably never do it again. you also get to put dumb clothes on your Pikachu. Fun for about 2 seconds, and then you stop caring altogether.Also, you can't even use the pro controller with this, another annoyance as sometimes trees and things will get your way but due to the controller limitations, you cannot swivel the camera around.What a giant mistake and miss Nintendo has with this game. There was so much potential to have the perfect pokemon game due to the rich console screen, nice hardware, etc. Instead, we have a game that feels to be trying really hard to be terrible and does not deliver at all. No one wants to catch 10 of the same pokemon. No one really cares that they can pet their pokemon. No one really cares that they can dress up their pokemon. Whoever was overseeing this project/game literally did their best to ruin such a promising game on such a promising platform.I will be looking to return the game as it simply is not fun. What a waste of my life, time, and money.
This game is so good it made my girlfriend forget I needed to be picked up from work. Would give 5 stars but that part sucked so 4 stars

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