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Feel like a real Pokémon Trainer as you travel through the Kanto region in the Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! games with Poké Ball Plus. Make a gentle throwing motion to catch a Pokémon to feel and hear in the palm of your hand. Take your favorite Pokémon out for a...

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It's a nice concept but not worth it. The joystick is stiff when clicking, and because its not exactly ergonomic it gets uncomfortable quickly. It's also inaccurate and hard to control. Also $50 seems like a lot for this.ALSO: Mew is only obtainable ONCE with this EVEN if you delete your save file and try to reuse it on a fresh save. So once Mew has been traded over, that's it. It's like a one time use dlc code. So second hand Pokeball plus's are out of the question if you for sure want the Mew with this.I get the reasoning behind this, so people dont just try to farm Mew, but I think its pretty ridiculous. They've effectively locked Mew behind a $50 pay wall. If you have two kids and they share a switch, either only one gets a Mew or you have to pay another $50 for a controller you already have that isnt worth it in the first place.Also pretty ridiculous considering the save file situation on the Switch (no backups even with Nintendo Online with this game.) If your system dies or is lost, the file goes with it and along with that heartbreak it adds insult to injury that you'd have to buy a brand new Pokeball Plus just to get a Mew back. Bad move Nintendo.
Feels nice, has decent weight to it. the center joystick is kinda small so it can be clunky sometimes. blah blah. the main reason I write this is to warn you to NEVER EVER TRY TO OPEN IT ON YOUR OWN! I opened it up to try to remove the wrist strap and I ended up tearing the speaker's wire out of its socket. not the product fault, I'm just an idiot. DON'T MAKE MY MISTAKE

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