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A Headset for Gamers: Experience everything from the big booms to whisper quiet warnings in stunning 7.1 virtual surround sound and chat with friends through the hidden, noise canceling microphones; With the Headset Companion App, download custom audio modes created exclusively for PlayStation 4...

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Summary:This headset is light, comfortable, sounds good, sounds clear, good microphone, and has a surprisingly good surround (7.1). I did a 2 hours comparison with my wired Astro MixAmp... and I was surprised with the results... I highly recommended it.About me:I have been using flagship headphones for 7+ years for both music and gaming.About my headphones:Audeze LCD-2 (balanced) / Ultrasone Edition 8 LE / Beyerdynamic DT990 / AKG K702 / Creative Aurvana Live! / Astro MixampReview:I did my testing with Destiny 2 for 2 hours, and by chatting with another audiophile friend using the party chat.- MicrophoneThe microphone sounds better than the earplug microphone that came with the PS4. Clearer and more natural sound.- Separation of soundsI had no problem listening to different sounds coming from different places. There is a scene with refugees after the initial invasion, and I could hear all the different things happening (people crying, people coughing, sparks)- Sound qualityThe sound was pretty good, sometimes I forgot I had the headsets on. I could hear the fire cracking, the explosions, shouting, rockets, etc.- Surround sound (7.1 VSS)In headphones there is no such thing as 7.1 or 5.1 because that is physically impossible. However, there are algorithms such as Dolby Headphone, DTS Headphone:X or Virtual Surround Sound that use the 5.1 signals and transforms the sound in a way that fools our brain into thinking we are listening from a 360 degrees.I tested the following 2 rigs:1) PS4 -> optical cable -> MixAmp Pro -> Creative Aurvana Live!2) PS4 -> new gold headsets with VSS enabled3) option 1) with dolby turned off4) option 2) with VSS turned offI tested in 3-4 places by closing my eyes and rotating the character to check how good the positioning of the sound were. I could hear a difference in both the gold headset and mixamp with their respective surround algorithms disabled (that's good isn't it?)Now, comparing the gold headset and the mixamp... I listened almost the same positioning... honestly, they were pretty close to call a winner... I would need to use a different headphone with a wider soundstage to probably notice a difference.Conclusion:For me, is a pain to setup the cables and have cables everything every time I want to play. There is a beauty on just wearing the headset and that's it. Before getting this headset I considered Astro A50, HyperX Cloud II and SteelSeries Arctis 7 among others...However, if you only care about having a good wireless 7.1 in your PS4 (and PS3), this headset is hard to beat.I'm not saying they are better than the Astro A50 (I want to try them someday)... but for this price... is a really good deal.
My old Sony Gold headset finally bit the dust when the infamous hinge break happened on both sides. I needed another pair, and saw that these were now available. I haven't be able to find a decent headset that gave me independent volume access like the Sony PlayStation headsets where I can change chat volume independently over game volume and vice versa.These new Sony Gold Headsets rock.Pros1. No hinges!!!!2. Way better buttons. The buttons on the older model really sucked, and eventually recessed to far into the headset3. I get the same nice sound quality, if not better (probably because they are new and my mind is tricking me into thinking they sound better).4. Soft plush bandCons1. This is not really a con yet since it is too early to tell, but the ear pads might be the same material as the previous model. I can't really tell. I really hope it isn't. My old ones flaked off big time, and I would walk around the house and most likely in public with pieces of the ear pad on my face.2. If you have a cone head or a tall head these might be a little uncomfortable since the bottom of the ear pads will dig in at an angle behind the jaw (You can test this by sliding the ear pads all the way down and wearing them. Obviously the band will sit way above your head, but you will get my drift)This is definitely a much needed improvement over the older model, and I would highly recommend them. The sound is amazing, and the headset is comfortable. Please don't let this be the same material on the ear pads as the previous model.
BackgroundSo these are my fourth PS headsets after the last three broke on me. (Pulse Elite > Gold V1 > Platinum). I got these for $85 so I'm happy about that. Hopefully these dont break within a year like the previous ones or else I'll be getting a Platinum V2.Pros1. Doesn't apply a ton of force causing discomfort like previous PS headsets2. Came with a code for one month of Spotify for freeNeutral1. Doesn't fold meaning it's not as portable as the Gold V1 and Platinum, but this will reduce wear and tear. (A pro for me since I don't travel with headsets)Cons1. Still comes with a USB dongle. Wished I could just connect these headsets to any Bluetooth enabled device.2. Not USB-CConclusionFor the most part these dont feel too different from the Gold V1 or Platinum headset.

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