Planet Terror

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Director Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) is back with a rip-roaring, zombie-infested rollercoaster of a movie that “sure as hell keeps you hanging on for the ride” (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone). Rose McGowan, Freddy Rodriguez, Bruce Willis, and an all-star cast fight for their lives in the ultimate showdown between an army of flesh-eating mutants and a motley group of rag-tag survivors. Featuring one of the most memorable screen heroines ever and the now-legendary mock Machete… More >>

Planet Terror

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  1. Grindhouse not only never saw an Australian release..but never saw a relase outside of the US. If your like me and want to see grindhouse get an official release on BLU RAY, your dreaming theres not gonna be one. However if your a hardcore grindhouse fan, i presume you already own the japanese Box which includes the 191 theatrical cut (yes with the faux trailers). I have that box but it was expensive, and I’m dying to see grindhouse in HD…sigh they’ll keep splitting them for years to come. Want a cheaper option theres a german 2 disc DVD set coming out with the TRUE GRINDHOUSE CUT:

    RELEASE GRINDHOUSE HOW IT WAS MEANT TO BE SHOWN ON BLU RAY!!!! THIS IS NOT DOUBLE DIPPIN’ THIS IS TRIPPLE DIPPIN’… despite the fact robert promised a proper edition to be released with a “10 min cooking school” don’t believe it.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I am a major fan of Planet Terror and Death Proof [Blu-ray], but there is no reason to buy either on Blu-ray, unless they combined them for the true Grindhouse experience. These movies were made with intentionally low picture quality to be a reminder of the grindhouse era of films. What are people going to say when watching this version of the film? Wow, you can really see the grit and film rips in this high quality.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. There is too much bitterness about Grindhouse. We only have ourselves to blame. The Weinsteins’ spent 67 million on it. It made $25 million, worldwide. That’s that, people didn’t come out. In the end, it hemorrhaged cash. Don’t forget the ads. I wonder what that cost?

    The Weinsteins messed up. The fall was a better time. Who wants to see horror, in the spring? Many felt, with 300’s success, that Grindhouse was rearing for a repeat. Except, they forgot something; comic fans drove it. 300 was driven by young fans. Fans of Frank Miller and comics, not movies; that’s the secret, ..this was different. Comic fans came and came. Bringing more and more, with them everytime, Grindhouse was another animal. Its strength was other Tarantinos. Film geeks would have to come out in force.

    Unfortunately, the Weinsteins’ treated it, the same. Focusing on young fans, the ads played it, as 300. Freddy Rodriguez was Gerald Butler. Instead of hordes, there were zombies. Explosions, instead of slashing; all with “cool” music in the background; and no mention of its length; and that’s the point. It didn’t get people to go. The wrong people went, so “no one” did.

    Those who went were horrified. Some loved it. Fake trailers, missing reels, the film was massive. Three hours, with an intermission, and that… affected everything. People didn’t come back. I can’t really blame them. They were expecting 300. But, for a film like Grindhouse to work, you have to have repeat business. There is no other way.

    Without the right audience, the film died. Like Lethal Weapon and Shawshank Redemption, Grindhouse will find its place, at home. People will discover it. And they’ll watch it, over and over. And, really, that’s all you could ask.

    As for the full version, … the film tanked. The double feature was a gamble. In the end, “no one” came. The Weinsteins lost money. Obviously, the format didn’t work. So, they released the films, separately. In longer, more complete versions.., this worked. The films are more themselves, and less butchered. What’s missing? Three trailers, that’s it. What’s the big deal? This smells like spilt milk.

    The film lost money. We didn’t show up. We have no one to blame, but us. Not the Weinsteins.

    As for “the executive’s corporate greed”, are you ignorant? The Weinsteins are to trying to recoup, their loss. It took home video, to right that ship. And I wander, if they broke even. ..There’s nothing wrong, with making money. If the Weinsteins go under, so do many others. It’s called economics. Look it up.

    P.S. Because of this, your version will come. Soon enough, mark my words.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. Already know that I liked this movie what really sold me on getting a copy for myself was that it was bursting with extras.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. This Blu Ray is amazing. If your a horror fan, I feel like you almost have to like this one. Funny, gorry, sexy, and straight up RAW. A great cast with amazing looking woman. This was the first half of the Grindhouse double feature when it was originally released along with its counter part, Quitin Tarrantino’s Deathproof. Made to look like a grainy 1970’s horror, you would think a bluray version would be obsolete, but you would be wrong! The Blu Ray version comes with an option to watch the movie with or without the grainy 1970s film looking effect. This results in a crisp clean 1080P looking Planet Terror, or a choppy, grainy 1970s feeling Planet Terror. In my opinion the film is WAY more enjoyable in crisp clean 1080P, and you can see and appreciate the cheesy gore and explosions in a more detailed way. So if you like horror, like good lookin girls, and like Bruce Willis, and have a Blu Ray Player, definately pick this one up. Oh, and watch for Quintin Tarrantinos guest appearance! (Too bad Death Proof SUCKED!!!)
    Rating: 5 / 5

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