Performing This Week: Live at Ronnie Scott’s

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Jeff Beck is a true rock legend. From his time with the Yardbirds in the sixties, through the Jeff Beck Group and throughout his solo career his unique guitar style and constant desire to explore new musical areas and sounds has won him the admiration of his peers and the adoration of legions of fans. In 2007 Jeff Beck performed a series of concerts at the renowned Ronnie Scott’s club in London. They became the must have ticket of the year with a packed audience every night… More >>

Performing This Week: Live at Ronnie Scott’s

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  1. As an exclusive to the Blu-ray release, Eagle include a seven track rockabilly set with the Big Town Playboys:

    01) Race With The Devil

    02) Crazy Legs

    03) Train Kept A Rollin’

    04) My Baby Left Me

    05) Matchbox

    06) Baby Blue

    07) Honky Tonk.

    For excluding these tracks on the SD, I rate this one flaming chili pepper. This is a crappy deal, as what Walmart did with Nickelback – Live at Sturgis.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Hippies in the audience! Heads nodding meaningfully to jazz licks! 70′ s type jazz rock! Eric Clapton! This should be enough as a warning. I mean I love Jeff Beck. He has done some really wonderful solo records over the decades and his time with the Yardbirds has established his status as a legend. But this clearly is very self-indulgent jazz-noodling guitar playing, the very reason why punk rock came along. I am shocked that it has gotten such amazing reviews, Also the young female bassist swaying to the reaggae basslines makes one cringe. I mean…what do they think? The bonus interview with Jeff Beck is great and is the reason why it does not get 0 points from me. I was expecting to love this DVD.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. This was a remarkable show from a music and audio point of view, but the visual also captures the tightness of this very good band in close cabaret-like quarters, and the person Jeff Beck who I’d never seen before or even heard talk. Of course he doesn’t need to sing or talk because he presents so ably, smoothly but forcefully a great sense of jazz/blues/rock, even if he has said in the past its about making rude challenging noise. The man is a brilliant guitarist with a wonderful sense of blues/jazz/rock, a blend of Rory Gallagher, Eric Clapton, John McLaughlan. The DVD brings to life a bloke who has always been invisible, perhaps a bit reclusive or socially awkward. The usual DVD extras with interviews add something extra. Energetic tracks but beautiful ones like Angel sees his fine soft touch and at one point briefly reaches across to play the frets on the bass of the neck of the young bass player’s guitar. Cute. Lennon/McCartney’s A day in the Life seems a weird notion but its great. But the energetic tracks are also there. The three guest vocal tracks are nice but unnecessary. And even the two tracks with Clapton are unnnecessary but of course interesting, historical and meaningful. Beck’s awkward manner again shows a respect but not soulmates? Great audio on its own but visual adds a show to watch.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. Im sure this is a good DVD but the one I purchased was defective. I have tried to contact the retailer twice but they ignore my plea to exchange this item.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. Yesterday after Chuch, Dearest-On-Earth & I “had to do some shopping.” I politely asked her if I could sort of existentially wander around the store while she was picking-things-up-and-putting-them-down-and-then-recircling-and-doing-that-all-over, her method of shopping. My request was favorably granted, and not only did I run into my Keyboard Player whom I hadn’t seen in about 6 months, but I also spoke with my Preacher’s Wife, there shopping, too. I had to meet Dearest “in 20 minutes” in the food section, so I next literally ran back to the DVD, etc, department. Ugh. I am NOT interested in the “New Millenium/fifth goodbye tour” Eagles, Celophane Dion, or the Anti-Hank, Garthie B. But just as I was thinking, “I gotta RUN, but whaddya expect?” I glanced down and saw a Jeff Beck – Jeff Beck, now! – DVD with a “cutout” price, only 9 bucks. Whoah! That Performer! That Price! And then (duh!) viewing the DVD is a treat. Beck does material from nearly all his career, and the band is (horrid eighties adjective, here) AWESOME! I knew about the drummer, Vinnie Colaiuta, and I was impressed with the new keyboard player, Jason Rebello (no masturbatory synthesizer bleets, bless his heart…in fact, it sounded like he had whatever set to sound like a Hammond B-3), but – WHEW!!! – that bass player, Tai Wilkenfeld – is PHENOMINAL. Looking at and listening TO her, I could only think, “Wow, I didn’t know Jaco had had an affair with Farrah!” And ol’ Slow(er)hand, EC, comes on at the encore, and does a blessedly familiar 12 bar-A-D-E blues, and it makes you wonder, “Yardbirds……..what IF?” The only drawback – folks, these are major league downers! – are the two “guest vocalists” JB drags out. Forgotten-but-not-quite-gone Joss Stone “does” “People Get Ready,” and her vocal is an insult both to the great Curtis Mayfield who wrote the song, and even to Rod Stewart, a gent I have no great love for, who had “covered” the tune with JB back in 1984. Bad as “Joss” was, this other…”individual” that came out to “sing,” Imogen Heap, looked and sounded like the illicit progeny of Tiny Tim and Kate Pierson (B52s). A great deal of gasping and grunting, I reckon she found, “sexy” – NOT! But still, so as not to close this review negatively: except for that performance that JB did on the last “Crossroads” thing, I’m not aware of any other DVDs of him (unless you have a boot of the 1983 multiple sclerosis concert for Ronnie Lane). Jeff Beck, it is obvious, truly makes literal, that corny old adage, “like a fine wine, just gets better with age.”
    Rating: 4 / 5

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