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Experience why PDP is #1 in 3rd party controllers with the PDP Wired Controller for Xbox One & Windows. With a sleek design, non slip grips, and textured trigger and shoulder buttons, you'll easily crush the competition and look good doing it. Enhance gameplay with vibration feedback and the...

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-Cord is 8 feet, plenty long for me. Anything over 7 is acceptable. It's not wireless, keep that in mind. You don't want a wireless controller for your pc anyway, but for gaming on an xbone I can understand why you'd want a wireless controller. (Microsoft still can't get their wireless controllers to work well on their own pc OS. So just avoid that dream for now unless you're tech savvy. It's literally plug and play on PC. Steam works immediately with it.)- Buttons work great. If yours doesn't, send it back and order a new one. I guarantee it's just bad luck. The packaging is too nice for me to assume the company cares about quality, and mine came in mint condition. As for the analog sticks, they work perfectly. No deadzone, no areas of non responsiveness, not too large and not too small (although that's preference.) Tip: If your rubber starts to peel off, (mine has not) there are rubber covers you can buy for all your controllers! I'd recommend looking into those instead of getting an all new controller. I used them on my old xbox 360 sticks and they worked great. I literally just tried them on this controller and they also fit perfectly, which means if my rubber does wear off, meh, no big deal! Just fit them over these ones and they work just as great.-Fits well in my hands. Feels similar to the slim xbox 360 controllers I loved. The official xbone controllers are a bit bigger I believe. I prefer the size, honestly. But I'm just used to smaller controllers so it's more of a personal thing that I enjoy.- Plastic isn't that cheap, but you can tell its probably not going to survive long if you smash it a few dozen times. If you're a rager, take it out on something else. This controller probably won't survive your hate inspired rage from dying in dark souls.... But then again, it's only 17 bucks. You could buy almost three of them for the price of one official xbone controller. Which makes it a more economical device to rage on if you think about it.... :)Favorite part? My old 360 controllers which i used for PC gameplay exclusively would have the wires go bad.... It's hard to prevent wires bending naturally just from gravity. Sadly, this meant the entire controller was doomed unless i invested in repairing the wire (hardly economical. Not worth my time and not worth the money.) But this wire is removable, so you can just buy a new cord from gamestop for 7-9 bucks depending. So as long as you keep the controller itself running, feel free to treat the wire however you wish, since you can replace it easily. The wire isn't really that flimsy either. I saw some people claim it was, which scared me away from this (and I ultimately bought awful controllers off Amazon instead, before taking a stab at this one.) I don't know what sort of wires they're used to. These seem solid enough. If you want more strength, use the inside of a ball pen to strengthen it, or cover it in tape. There are ways to strengthen wire bends if you ever get one. But since you can detatch the wire from the controller, safe storage should be easier and ultimately preserve your wire longer. But again, the wires seem fine. Those reviews are some serious fake news ;)Highly recommended. After buying many other controllers and returning them, this one I won't be returning. And if it breaks I'll gladly buy it again. Why spend 50+ bucks when you can spend 19 including tax? Plus the color is really cool 🙂 feels great to game with it. If my review leads you to purchase this controller, I hope yours comes in the same beautiful condition that mine did. I'm not easy to please either, I've returned two controllers in the last month. This one impressed me. Best to you all.
The first one I ordered didn't work at all and it's replacement didn't work either. Both controllers just won't turn on after being plugged in. This product is just garbage, don't waste your' time, spend more money and buy a better controller elsewhere.
When I got my first controller, I did the diagnosis on the PDP app and it showed that the right stick was not centered. I thought maybe it was wrong, so I tested it with several games. You can look in any direction and stop looking, and it will continue to look in that direction by itself. I ordered a replacement, same problem. I'm not wasting my time with this companies products anymore, and you shouldn't either. I'm getting a refund and will take my chances somewhere else. I ordered one of their Aftershock controllers a while back and have similar problems with it. Just avoid PDP all together. One of the worst controllers I've ever bought.

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