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Want quick and simple access to all your favorite movies, TV shows, music, videos, and apps? Coordinate it all with the media remote for Xbox. No more fumbling for the right button on the controller to pause your movie. With a traditional TV remote design, you can quickly access play, skip, and...

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This remote has both improved and gotten much worse than it's previous version.Regular controls are a little snappier and more consistent. Audio controls are much worse. Even when you find the sweet spot for where to point the remote, it's still a 50/50. I personally have to point the remote to the ceiling for the audio controls to work.Now on the my biggest issue and the main reason I will likely be returning this device and get a refund. The back panel that covers the batteries come off WAAY too easy. Every time I pick up the remote, the back panel slides out of place. Every single time. It's like there is zero locking mechanism at all. Every person that buys this and uses it daily will either lose the back panel or end up have to tape it to the remote so it doesn't get lost.They did get rid of alot of the useless buttons they had on the older version, but for some reason I'll never understand, they removed the back button. A button pretty much every remote made in the past 5 years has.Do not buy this remote. If you need a remote for your Xbox, hunt down the older PDP version or find one from another manufacturer.
Easy to set up, as easy as syncing a standard controller.The buttons are firm, but not stiff; definitely not mushy and cheap feeling.The battery cover on the back is snappy and doesn’t feel like it will fall off.There is a dim back light.I’ve used it for a couple of hours watching Hulu and Netflix and YouTube this afternoon and it will definitely replace my controller and tv remote for watching media.I definitely recommend this for anyone who uses their Xbox to watch streaming content or has a family member (looking at you mom and dad) who don’t want to use an Xbox controller to search shows or pause videos.For anyone curious, you can control the entire Xbox with the remote. Dashboard, Settings, etc.
So in terms of size and layout, this is an improvement from the original PDP remote but in almost every other regard, it’s just worse.By far, the biggest problem is the back cover.It’s uncomfortably loose. It clips off far too easily. It slides around during normal use.The original also had a similar issue and I was really hoping they’d finally fixed it, considering how many complaints there were about the problem but, oddly, they seem to have gone the opposite way and made it even less secure.I also really miss the lack of dedicated Playback buttons but, particularly, it’s the lack of a “Stop” button that bugs me most. To be fair though, that might just be a personal preference for me specifically. For instance, there’s no way to actually stop playback on services that allow you to bring up the menu while it continues playing on the background, like YouTube TV. The only way to outright stop playback is to exit the application altogether.As a positive, the new remote is definitely not as sensitive to movement as the old one so I expect the battery life will be greatly improved. However, I won’t get the chance to find out because this device is being sent back. The battery cover issue is a deal-breaker for me.

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