PDP Gaming LVL30 Wired Chat Headset – PlayStation 4, 051-107 – PlayStation 4, 14.99, 0, $, .

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Communicate with your team on a whole new level with the PDP gaming LVL30 for PS4! Designed for long gaming sessions, The LVL30 wired chat headset features a comfortable, lightweight build. No need to take a break from this chat headset with a design that makes it possible to wear the mono 30mm...

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I’m reviewing this as an adult gamer, so if this is for a kid it might be fine.ProsSounds goodFairly well made. Doesn’t feel cheapWorks with PlayStation no issuesConsA bit too snug and starts to cause a headache for adults, maybe different for kidsThe earpiece is well made, but it blocks sound out of that earNo mute function. That’s huge as I need that ability if I’m yelling at the dog or someone wants to talk to you.I’m switching back to the amazon basics until I find another solution. It’s not a bad mic, but it still suffers from what most mono mics do and that’s everyone your chatting with hearing your surround sound. If your like me and looking at mono mics that still allow surround sound, then keep looking cause there has gotta be one out there.
After having so many issues with OEM Microsoft headsets earlier in the Xbox One lifecycle, I decided to try the PDP brand. And after having a couple of LVL 1's I really prefer his brand.This headset offers some improvements over the LVL 1 but also some drawbacks.The Good:1. The adjustment of the microphone is better. It's way more flexible than the LVL 1 which had a flimsy plastic microphone with limited positions2. Sound quality: Sound quality seems to be a decent amount better. My friends can hear me well.The Drawbacks but not necessarily deal breakers:1. Maybe it's just me. But I like having a dedicated mute switch in the cord itself. The LVL 1 has that. This you have to spin the microphone it an upwards position. It feels a bit flimsy I must say. A dedicated mute switch is more efficient and keeps your microphone in place2. Comfort leaves a bit to be desired. Not just with how much you can extend it to fit your head. But with the fabric over the earcup. It feels slightly like sandpaper. The LVL1 has fake leather, which definitely feels soft and plush around my ear.Overall, I'd choose this over the OEM Microsoft headset any day! Not only is Microsoft charging a good amount more, but from my personal experience Microsoft peripherals have really declined in the Xbox one generation. That's just my personal opinion.Case in point, this is a great budget headset. Cost is very reasonable. And they do tend to last quite a white.
You can’t hear the game itself but you can hear everyone talk clear as day. It’s actually better than the more expensive one I bought for my other son. It’s very loud which is great.

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