PDP 048-083-NA Talon Media Remote Control for Xbox One, TV, Blu-Ray & Streaming Media, 21.99, 0, $, .

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Easily control your Xbox One system with the convenient officially licensed Talon Media Remote for Xbox One. Want quick and simple access to all your favorite movies, TV shows, music, and videos, as well as complete control of channel and volume for your TV? Coordinate your system with the Talon...

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This is an XBOX One remote - and works pretty well for XBOX ONE. However, based on some clueless top starred reviews and incoherent product description, I kind of expected this remote to be able to be able to control the XBOX and the TV independently. I fully expected to have to put in some remote codes for the TV and then use the remote's IR capabilities to control the audio/mute/power up and down for the TV. That IS NOT how this works. The remote sends codes only to the XBOX and relies on the XBOX having an IR blaster/repeater or a Kinect to relay IR signals to the TV and other audio equipment you have. If you do not have an IR repeater hooked to the XBOX, or you do not have KINECT and expect to be able to control your TV, this remote is not what you want. Adding a star because it works with the XBOX, but otherwise it is no more useful than the XBOX controller.
I bought this remote because I habitually use my Xbox One to watch shows and movies on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. I saw the price of the official Microsoft Media Remote and said "nope". Seriously... $50 for a remote?! Being the reasonable person I am (and that you are since you are looking here), I went with this remote.I am well pleased with the Talon Media Remote. There was absolutely no setup involved aside from placing the batteries inside it. I have read some reviews complaining that they had troubles with the remote's infrared getting to the console. Personally, this remote is working better than my Vizio TV remote. It may also help that my Xbox is on an open shelf of the TV stand with no interference such as cabinet doors.The remote itself feels well-made. The material feels soft but has more than adequate grip. The entire backing comes off in order to add or replace batteries, which can be annoying to some, but it really makes the remote look nicer and it feels nicer to hold.The remote also has a nifty backlighting so you can see in the darkest of times. Others have complained that the backlighting needs to sustain itself for just a little bit longer so they can find their desired button. I had experienced no trouble with that until I really needed the backlighting, and I couldn't agree more- hence the 4 stars instead of 5.The Xbox "Home" button on the remote can turn on your Xbox which has completely eliminated my need for a controller when I just want to watch a movie or show. And the remote doesn't have to constantly be turned on and connected again when you haven't touched it for so long, unlike the Xbox controllers. That has been most handy for me.If you want to use a simple, cheaper but well made remote to watch your shows and movies instead of your controller, this is an excellent option!Hope I could help you with your decision. Godspeed.
 I’ve had this remote for about two months, purchased as a replacement for the official Xbox One media remote that bit the dust after a few years of heavy use. My Xbox One is my primary way of watching television.It works great, right out of the box. I like that it has designated ABCD buttons, which the official remote lacks. However, I’ve noticed that it goes through batteries like crazy. I changed the batteries on the official remote maybe every few months, at the most. This one: every week. I open the back to change the batteries so much that the tiny piece that holds it together is now broken, and I have to use tape to keep the back on.I have figured out why the battery drains so much, though. I recently caught it lighting up, over and over again, even though it wasn’t moving. Now it does it almost constantly and I haven’t figured out a way to get it to stop.I don’t know if it’s just a very specific problem with mine or not, but y’know, other than these issues it works perfectly fine. Maybe even better than the official remote in terms of IR pickup. But I gotta say, if you’re looking for longevity? Spend a little extra for the official one.

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