pdobq Switch Charger for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite Charge Type C Android Phone, PD2.0 AC Power Supply Adapter with 4.9 FT Charger Cable for Switch,15V3A Support TV Mode Dock Station, 12.99, 15.97, $, .

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pdobq Nintendo AC Adapter Switch Charger- Support TV Mode Compatible with Nintendo Switch. Plug in the AC adapter and power your Switch system from any 100-240 volt outlet. Support TV Model and Handled Model. Get this great additional charger, together with your previous one, you can either play...

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This is a non-OEM charger that I wanted to try for a travel kit as an alternative to the Nintendo one. The black color is the same that you cannot tell the difference at a distance. The charging function is recognized by the Nintendo Switch without any issues, and the integrated circuit prevents overcharging. I feel less worried losing this one than the OEM, but the quality is similar enough that I notice no differences between the effectiveness of the two. The price of this is quite a bit less than the OEM making this more attractive than the OEM for your more sacrificial travel adapter.
This is a great product for charging the Switch. It's substantially cheaoers than the official one from Nintendo and works just as well as the one that came with my Switch. It works fine with the official Switch Dock and the power block on it feels somewhat lighter than the official charger so maybe that makes travelling with it better. The cord seems pretty sturdy and unlikely to break from regular use. Definitely would recommend.
We needed an additional charger for the Switch so we wouldn’t have to unplug the one from the dock every time we take it somewhere. As others have mentioned, it seems so ridiculous that the same device can cost so much more despite having all of the same specs and features.I am impressed that this one come with so many safety features, and can handle international voltages up to 240V. If we ever need to take it overseas, it will be great to have that available. But as to its current performance, I can’t say anything but nice things. It charges the Switch just as fast (although I think it was a little faster), than the OEM charger, and just to test, we replaced the OEM charger on the dock with this one for a couple of days, and saw no difference in charging or game-play.I don’t know if anybody else has noticed this, but apparently, this charger can also charge regular devices that require only 5 volts, but use the USB type-C connector. Maybe the manufacturer can confirm that, but based on the specs and sticker it would seem that way. Anyway, that just seems like a bonus at this point.

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