pdobq Charger for Switch, Fast Charging Power Adapter Compatible with Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite AC Adapter Charger, 15V2.6A Support TV Mode, 11.87, 13.97, $, .

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USB Type C Charger for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, Support TV Mode - Compatible with Most Type c Charging Port Devices. No More Time to Wait, 2.5 Hours Fast Charging Support. Choice this charger to make sure your switch console and pro controller, Wake up quickly from low power status....

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I was worried because my son doesn't have the lite and thought I bought the wrong thing but it works for the big ones too. It works in that black thing so you can play on the TV. ( I don't know what it's called. ) No errors of incompatible popped up like other off brand one may. I bought the brand Nintendo chargers twice and they broke because of bending my son is rough with them but this is working out great!
I bought this asa replacement cord for a Switch Dock... But for some reason it doesn't work.It does, however, work as a standalone charger.
Great for charging. I mean, it's a charger... what am I supposed to say about it? It does its job. If it stopped working I'd blast it but it's a charger that charges. Buy one. Or not. I can't tell you how to live your life.

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