Paranormal State: The Complete Season Three

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Travel deep into the strange and mysterious with Paranormal Research Society (PRS) founder Ryan Buell and his team of investigators as they set out on cases all over the country, seeking the truth behind the supernatural s scariest phenomena.

In the SEASON THREE premiere, the PRS dives into a haunting presence in a New Jersey home, which may be caused by an Indian burial ground in the backyard. As the PRS begins digging for answers, they call on a tech e… More >>

Paranormal State: The Complete Season Three

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  1. Don’t get me wrong, for all of my complaints about PRS, they really do seem to mean well in their endeavors. They want to help families who say they are haunted by spirits. Despite Ryan Buell’s rather wooden screen presence, I really do think he just wants to help.

    My problem with them, though, is that they fall into the trap of saying that EVERY house is haunted and that EVERY noise/feeling was caused by a ghost. This is simply absurd. The team walks into the supposedly haunted building and stalks around for a bit gathering no genuine evidence that something is going on before turning (typically) to a psychic. The psychic gives their impressions which the team takes as fact and then they sit around in the dark for an hour or so creeping themselves out before they banish/exorcise/free the spirits.

    I find this a bit absurd because (as any paranormal investigator/ghost hunter worth his salt will tell you) not every house is haunted and not even the best psychics are on 100% of the time. It’s because of this that I’m forced to sit there frustrated that the team breezes through investigations like amateurs doing things for the first time. They walk away feeling better and often making the family feel better… but they have never proven in the slightest that there was even a ghost in the house. Not one strange picture or one discernible EVP. Attempts to use other machines like the Franks Box give them “answers” that any slightly skeptical person would chalk up to the fact they’re picking up radio clips on the machine (which they even state up front) and would explain why the “voices” stopped when the venture into the basement (where reception would be the worst).

    I give them points for wanting people to feel more at ease in their homes, but I think they may only be giving the people a placebo. The people believe the ghost is gone so they feel better. But if a ghost is not the problem (or it hasn’t really been exorcised/banished/set free)then it will only return and they’ll go through the whole problem again. Not even the best ghost hunter can stop a ghost that’s really a banging pipe or EMF bleed off from a junction box in the basement. But PRS never even thinks to investigate those things before jumping to the conclusion that the house is in fact haunted.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. Paranormal State: The Complete Season Two this show is by far the best paranormal show out there much better than ghost hunters great team great show keep up the good work
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. In my last vacation in America the series is to me by chance with switch over on television struck. I was immediately entrancedly from the series. I have immediately ordered myself the first and second season. And I have not regretted it. If this does not damage the series in Germany on television runs. But for it there is I can recommend the series to everybody believes in the supernatural. With many results one properly frightens. Simply shop. One no mistake with this good price!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I now own all that are out ..Can’t wait for there new ones these kids are good at what they do !!!And Ryan is just to cute lol ….Ya I’m 50 but still he is a cutie …Good job guys …

    Lois In Akron,Ohio
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. This show is good for comic value as you paddle the murky waters of cable TV. Ryan Buell, who formed the Paranormal Research Society at Penn State earlier in the decade, leads a team of professional ‘paranormal investigators’ who provide cable fodder and are likely influencing the next generation of ‘paranormal investigators’ to forego real disciplines and get in on the action.

    This collects the third season of the A&E series (shame on you, A&E), where the team investigates another crop of hauntings and possessions and spookings. This time, it’s hanging out in abandoned church basements, travelling to Kentucky where yet another rube is having trouble with a pesky horned person or creature, and other fun trips to random locations where people who really want to believe are brought face-to-face with the people who will validate their wants.

    The show is plain funny. The ‘paranormal activity’ they claim to capture is utter baloney. There is no believable evidence on the show, because most everything is open to editing and manipulation, all in between the commercials (not included here). The scary music, the night-vision video cams, the electronic voice thingies, and the habitual ‘let’s go to the basement or attic’ (because that’s where this stuff has to happen) is shameless and predictable. In fact, I have to just give credit to them for being able to a) stretch this formula out to multiple seasons and b) being able to hold the laughter in. Also, these charlatans are pretty well-equipped, so we get to learn about cool gadgets.

    What’s missing from this box set are the outtakes where the team members burst out laughing whenever someone utters phrases like, “Is there someone here with us?” or “Can you reveal your presence to me?” One begs for a ghostly display of flatulence to answer these plaintive questions, but alas, such activity is never captured. What is captured is the occasional unaccounted-for moan, the squeaky door, or the rumblings of a cesspool mistaken for evidence of hauntings…the kind of hauntings that seem to multiply in direct correlation with the number of digital cameras and electronic voice doo-hickeys in the area. One troubling aspect of the show is the continuous suggestions put into people’s minds that their home is really haunted, or that they may really have some kind of paranormal ability or vision. Guaranteed to be used by some kids for years to come as a why-I-didn’t-do-my-homework excuse.

    The recent film Paranormal Activity is a much more succinct effort to spook audiences, with its ‘found video’ quality purporting to show footage of a couple who set up cameras in their home to capture late-night ‘paranormal activity’. Entirely fiction, and not entirely satisfying, it’s a better effort than this show. A&E has once again proven that they have no shame, and no standards, but following the jaw-dropping Growing Up Gotti series, you probably already knew that.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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