Paranormal Activity

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This intense edge-of-your seat horror film follows a young suburban couple who record the sinister disturbances in their home while they sleep– even as the domestic haunting becomes more frequent, more threatening and all too personal. Hypnotic and harrowing, Paranormal Activity uniquely delivers frightful suspense punctuated by moments of sudden and unexpected terror, all the way to the shocking ending.

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Paranormal Activity

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  1. Don’t know why anyone would buy this DVD. The movie was awful. Just download the trailer! Those scenes in the trailer are the best parts of the movie. Period!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. …no fury like a woman scorned … scariest part? – 3 toed footsteps leading to the bed ….. NOW kiddies …. 3 toes footspets leading FROM the bed would have given me a coronary …and left real pucker marks on the seat.

    SILLY – silly demon? THAT was a demon????????????? [ugh! yecch!] …..for a real terror scare : Robert Wise 1963 “Haunting” – “Who was holding my HAND”?????

    and/or “The Entity” or the delightfully proper “The Innocents” ……

    Nice hunky dude who deserves having his bones smashed ….. girl too Fat!!!!!

    now if the movie was about a succubus ………. neatoh! and Yummo!!!!

    ah well, onto the next flavor for the masses ……..
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. I honestly felt like a foreclosure victim once the credits begin to roll. I felt a disgust, then an anger at Paramount for basically jipping me out of my money to see this garbage. Allow me explain:

    1) Incredibly dull. The first 45min are a complete and utter waste of time. The audience is treated to watching a young couple argue, eat cereal, brush their teeth, and watch a Ouija board burn.

    2) Too lazy to even make it look like the “mockumentary” it’s tries to be. For example, a psychic visits the house and the first conversation between himself and the couple is shamelessly edited. I thought this was supposed to be “found” footage.

    3) Scary? Absolutely not. It’s about as scary as watching a handful of cute puppies playing with fluffy kittens. It reduces the audience to cheap parlor-house tricks: slamming doors, broken glass, and loud banging noises- yes- the kind of tripe you’ll find at your local neighborhood haunted house, although this time, you’ll be paying a lot more to see it.

    Paramount honestly should’ve given everyone who went to see this tripe a complimentary gallon of vaseline – because that’s how much you’ll need to survive the relentless gangbang the studio gives the viewing public. I haven’t the slightest doubt hundreds of interns and temp workers were hired for the sole purposes of promoting this film through the internet – targeting younger audiences through facebook, twitter and other social networking sites. It really was disgusting.

    LOL. Nice try with selling this DVD. I hope someone buys every copy in circulation only to return them after watching 10 minutes of this heaping sack of excrement.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. This is an extremely mediocre horror movie that’s actually pretty boring. So what’s all the hype about? Well, I believe that the hype comes from the fact that they really don’t make horror movies any more. They make silly “made you jump” movies, torture porn, slashers and horror/comedies, but not movies that rely on mood and pacing to creep the audience out rather than going the simple route (special effects being the simple route). There are of course those very rare exceptions (such as Session 9 and Pontypool) but by and large they really don’t make horror films any more.

    The biggest problem with Paranormal Activity is that it could have VERY EASILY been much better. As is, the story really doesn’t develop at all, and, as such, it gets old after the first half. All they needed was better writing. Here’s how it should have gone:

    I would have had the husband sprinkle baby powder around the door and in their room. In the morning he could have learned that something indeed had entered the room from the hallway. This should have raised the question, where is this thing coming from? That night, he should have done the same, but this time spread baby powder all over the upstairs hallway. In the morning they could have discovered that the steps are coming out of one of the guest bedrooms. He then would sprinkle baby power all over that room, and re-sprinkle the stuff as he walked backwards to his own bedroom. You get the idea.

    This would have culminated with the couple discovering that every night, something is coming out of the closet in the far guest bedroom and walking into their room. The wife also starts acting strange, like she knows more about what it is than the husband. The husband asks her why she isn’t more afraid and she says, “We shouldn’t worry, he’s bothering us. He won’t bother us any more soon.” When he asks her how she could possibly know this she says, “I just know.”

    The final baby powder scene could have been the husband making sure that the floor of the guest bedroom, the hallway and the entire floor of their bedroom was covered with the stuff. It would have been a great scene to see them, already in bed, sprinkling baby powder all around them on the floor, and then setting the bottles on the night stand. Their discovery should have been that something is coming out of the guest bedroom closet, walking up the hall, entering their room and stopping at the wife’s side of the bed. There then could have been a scene where the husband wakes up alone, and discovers his wife sleeping on the floor of the guest bedroom closet!

    A later revelation would have been that the closet wasn’t going far enough, for there is a door in the closet ceiling and the thing is actually coming down from the attic and out of the closet every night. The wife should have then started doing slightly odd things, making the husband distrustful. From then on, whenever he analyzes the tapes from the night before, they play for a while, the bedroom door is shown opening on its own, and then the camera shuts off. Whatever it is is turning the camera off so that the husband can’t see what’s actually happening at night. He gets the idea that his wife and this thing are somehow connected. He gets the idea that if he sets up a second camera that his wife doesn’t know about that this thing won’t know about it either.

    So he sets the second camera up. The next morning he wakes up and his wife is gone. He calls her name, he goes in the guest bedroom, looks in the closet and even goes up into the attic. Nothing. He checks the garage and sees that their car is still there. He checks the yard. Nothing. He looks back up to their bedroom and decides to check the footage from the first camera. Standing by the side of their bed he rewinds camera one and watches the footage right there on the camera’s screen. The same thing happens around the same time of night—the bedroom door is shown opening on its own and right after that the camera shuts off.

    Still in their bedroom, he grabs camera two—the camera his wife didn’t know about—and watches that camera’s footage on its little screen. The bedroom door opens and the comforter shifts as the invisible thing walks around the bed. The covers on the wife’s side are pulled back. And then his wife gets up. She walks around to the husband’s side of the bed and stands there–for hours. The husband can see himself sleeping in bed on the camera and his wife standing their watching him with a malicious grin on her face. A couple of times the camera shows him having trouble breathing, like sleep apnea, and shows his wife standing there and giggling at this. A couple hours later the wife nods, as though in response to something. The camera shows her leave the bedroom and descend the stairs. She returns to the room with a knife—and goes into their closet and shuts the door.

    The husband keeps watching the footage, anxiously, franticly. The camera shows that she just stays in the closet as he sleeps, with the door shut. Right as the revelation hits him the husband spins around 180 to the closet, right as the closet door swings open and his wife, already running full speed, flies out of the closet towards him with the knife, shrieking an inhuman shriek. The camera falls to the floor, facing them. It records them, sideways, as she stabs him to death and then stands over his dead body. She drops the knife and says. She then looks to her side and says, “He won’t bother us anymore.” She then turns and walks out of the bedroom. It looks like she’s holding someone’s hand. She goes down the hall into the guest bedroom. The door closes. The end. Would have been SOOO much better.

    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. Very poor acting, poor quality totally unbelieveable! I thought it was a spoof movie at first!
    Rating: 1 / 5

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