Orzly Glass Screen Protectors compatible with Nintendo Switch – Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector TWIN PACK [2x Screen Guards – 0.24mm] for 6.2 Inch Tablet Screen on Nintendo Switch Console, 8.99, 0, $, .

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Tempered Glass construction for enhanced impact resistance, plus effectively resists scratches up to 9H (harder than a knife); High-response: Only 0.24mm thick; maintains the original touch experience, and won't interfere with slotting the...

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This protector does what it says, and with that I am happy. The protector is nice and sturdy, it is easy to apply. HOWEVER, when using this product, it comes with a anti-dust remover sticker. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT use it. It will cause you to have irreparable damage to the screen of your switch. It stripes off the top layer of the switches screen and cause scuff marks. The anti-dust sticker is not needed. Simply use the alcohol swab and cleaning towel that comes with it. It would be better if they just took the anti-dust sticker out althoger. Other than that, I would suggest to the company to develop a way that would allow better alignment when applying the protector. The bottom line is: for the price, and the ease of use with exceptional make and protection, this screen protector is great for what I need it for. I highly recommend. Just remember NOT to use the anti-dust sticker.I've included pictures of my screen protector. It is nice, however I do have a few light scuffs from using only the end of the anti-dust sticker and not applying pressure. I was lucky to be so cautious after seeing other reviews, and I'm glad I was.
I went through two 2-packs of the AmFilm screen protectors before buying this. The first two applications of the AmFilm, I had to lift the protector to get trapped dust out, and each time there was damage to the corners when lifting it. The 3rd application went on alright, but it bubbled up at the corners after using the the switch in the dock for a bit.Decided to take a change on the Orzly screen protector. Application was much smoother and easier than the AmFilm. The screen protector itself feels more sturdy than the AmFilm, despite being slightly thinner. It also fits the Switch screen perfectly, its truly edge-to-edge, whereas the AmFilm does not fill the entire screen and leaves a small gap on either side. I had zero issues with any air bubbles or dust with the Orzly.One thing that is worth noting is that the picture quality of the screen with the Orzly is noticeably better than with the AmFilm. It looks more clear, despite advertising 94% light penetration vs. AmFilm's claim of 99%. I think the 99% claim by AmFilm is bogus, as having both side by side is easy to see that the Orzly is more clear.I would recommend this Orzly protector over the AmFilm. I really didn't expect it to me any different, I had a feeling all of these screen proctectors are manufactured by the same factory. However the Orzly of noticeably of higher quality- more sturdy, more clear and much better fitment. Its also cheaper by a few bucks vs the AmFilm, so its a no-brainer.
Seriously one of the easiest screen protectors I've ever installed, and I've done a lot. I was paranoid about getting the notorious dock scratches that have affected so many, so I initially picked up an official Nintendo screen protector when I bought my Switch at Best Buy. If I had read the reviews beforehand, I could've saved myself $9, as that thing was rubbish. Immediately looked online for alternatives and saw the glowing reviews for this one, and it was priced very attractively, so of course I bought it.Installation was a breeze, though I do regret installing mine in the dustiest room in my house, because I've got the smallest mote of dust in the bottom corner of the Switch, but it isn't on the actual LCD screen, so I'll probably just leave it.Would definitely recommend and would also buy again, though I won't need to for a while, considering they give you two screen protectors.*UPDATE*Less than two months after this review, my Switch took a tiny dive off of my couch's armrest onto my carpeted floor. Of course, as the universe works, it managed to hit the only hard object in a 20 foot radius, screen side down. The Orzly screen protector was broken on impact and from the angle that it hit and being on the edge of the glass, I feared for the worst. Upon peeling off the protector, my Switch screen was left unscathed.I IMMEDIATELY went and put on the second protector and will probably be buying another pair of these things soon. Thank you, Orzly, you saved me from a very bad time.

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