Orzly Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch OLED 2021 Console Accessories (Pack of 4) – Tempered Glass Life time Edition`, 9.99, 0, $, .

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Designed for Nintendo switch oled by a bunch of Nintendo Geeks in London. Watch the Video on this amazon page before you buy 👍; Natural Touch experience and viewing Guaranteed, Anti Fingerprint, Ultra thin 0.24 Tempered Glass for Switch Oled; Tempered Glass screen protector pack of 4 so...

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I bought this screen protector as well as an accessory bundle. I bought these ones because the bundle didn't give my much intel on their screen protectors but since this is the most important accessory i figured it couldn't hurt to get a highly rated one. The product feels nice and came in quick but it does not fit the OLED model very well. While there is not a huge gap in coverage (maybe 2-3mm) around the whole edge, it is enough to cause concern. The one that came with the accessory bundle is a tempered glass as well and fits the screen with less than a 1mm of gap around the edges. I will be returning it.
Although I have yet to utilise this as I’m still waiting to get my hands on the new switch oled i have bought many orzly products in the past and they have always been to a high standard so rest assured this will be worth getting.
Highly recommend product. Great packaging. Very easy to apply. I just lined it up, then let it rest on the screen and gave it a few seconds to do its thing. I was left with one small air bubble at the edge, which I easily got rid of by using a microfibre cloth wrapped around my credit card, then pushing it out. Screen protector is not noticeable at all after installation and picture is still perfect. One thing I recommend people to use while installing any screen protector is a can of compressed air. Use it after cleaning the screen with the wet and dry wipes. Dont bother with the dust sticker things.

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