Orzly Carry Case Compatible With Nintendo Switch – BLACK Protective Hard Portable Travel Carry Case Shell Pouch for Nintendo Switch Console & Accessories, 16.99, 24.99, $, .

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Designed to make your new Nintendo Switch Console even more portable & travel friendly; Fits the Nintendo Switch tablet with both its Joy-Con controllers attached to it, and the upper section features a separate inner pocket which can fit extra...

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The materials for this case are simply poor quality, I feel like I can snap it in half if I bend it slightly. I bought a cheaper hard case from a different brand that felt much better but didn't have room for the switch controllers to remain attached, but I'm going back to it because I don't feel comfortable with the durability of this case. For example, the zipper is so poorly attached I see the thread already unraveling that attaches it to the case and I just got it. When you do zip it, it feels very uneven and unsturdy. I'm genuinely surprised at the poor quality.UPDATE: 5/1/17-After my poor review, Nina from Orzly reached out to me and asked me to describe the issues I had with the case - she quickly determined that the quality did not meet their standards and sent me a replacement from England (I'm in NYC US) - I just received the new case and its far better quality, no more string sticking out, the zippers are on straight and the two sides are perfectly symmetrical - feels like a completely different product. Maybe they had a bad batch, but this current case is great and I would now highly recommend it - not to mention this appears to be a company that stands behind their products. Thanks Nina and Orzly.
This is a great case for the money, it all depends on what you want to carry with you. I don't have much now to haul but I have a few games and of course the Nintendo Switch with a pretty bulky case and guess what? It fits with it on it. That's the main thing I was looking for. It is the Mumba case which I also love. Fits small accessories as well but nothing big such as a charger or the small controller thst came with the console. Otherwise all is great like others have said. Good quality, pretty tough shell and good storage like the others.
Overall, this is a very serviceable case and is capable of carrying everything I would expect for a portable experience with the Nintendo Switch. The case has a solid-feeling hard rubber black shell with two zippers a molded section for the Switch and attached joycons and an accessories pocket. The case also has a handy carrying handle on the spine of the shell with a molded rubber grip.The Switch console section of the case also has two elastic bands to hold the console in place when the case is opened. There's a middle section of the case that covers just the screen area to protect it from damage from anything you might put in the other pocket, and that section doubles as game card storage with small slots for game cards. However, there is no storage for any extra microSD cards you may carry. This isn't a huge deal breaker, as you could theoretically put one in a game card slot (the mesh on the slots is fine enough that a microSD card won't fall through).The accessories pocket that sits opposite the console has a mesh and elastic netting which holds the accessories in place. However, since this mesh covers only about 2/3rds of the pocket area, I have found that how you place your accessories in this pocket will determine whether everything stays in place when you open the case or whether you have to go fishing for things that fall out. On a plane especially, this is critically important. That said, I'm able to comfortably fit two extra joycons (with side covers), the side covers for the joycons currently attached to the Switch console and the power adapter provided by Nintendo in the accessories pocket.On the subject of opening the case- since there are no distinctive markings on the outside rubber shell of the case and the case exterior appears symmetrical, it's easy to open the case upside down and accidentally drop accessories out. My personal solution to this is to always zip the zipper from right to left when closing (since there are two, you can theoretically go any direction you like). Since I have adopted that as a convention, I always know the case is right-side-up if the handle is in the back, the zipper is closed and the zipper heads are on the left side of the case. This is a minor annoyance at first; but, once you get familiar with the case design, I imagine everyone will instinctively know the direction the typically zip it on closing.In addition, while it wasn't difficult at all to close the case and zip it with all my accessories inside, I did notice the seam showing when the case was closed. This seems to be okay and upon initial testing doesn't seem to portend weakness in the construction of the case; but, only time will tell. I'm a lighter user of the portable mode of the Switch; but, if I find that the seam starts pulling apart later, I'll come back to update my review and let Orzly know of the potential defect.Finally, one other thing to note is that the case smells VERY strongly of plastic when first opened. Even as an electronics enthusiast who likes the smell of new electronics (hooray for Pavlovian training), the smell is a little overpowering at first. I left the case open the first day I owned it, since I wasn't travelling and didn't yet need to use it and the smell has mostly dissipated.Pros:- Comfortably fits everything necessary for table-top portable mode play- Console protected from accessories by screen shield- Game storage in screen shield- Molded console pocket and elastic straps hold console firmly in place- Tough feeling shell, seems durable- Comfortable handle for convenient carryingCons:- Accessories pocket not covered enough by mesh to prevent accessories from falling out without being careful about how they are inserted- Symmetric exterior design makes it easy to open the case upside down, making dumping the accessories more of a risk- No storage dedicated to microSD cards (though the game card slots could double as a microSD card slots)- Strong plastic smell for a few hours upon initial opening- Flat black exterior design is functional but not as attractive as some other casesVerdict- all in all, I'm pleased. The case is inexpensive and so far seems up to the task of holding everything you need to enjoy gaming on the go. The simple flat black design leaves something to be desired aesthetically; but, the functional interior of the case makes up for this flaw, especially considering the good price.

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