Orgullo Pasion Y Gloria: Tres Noches En Mexico

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Orgullo Pasion Y Gloria: Tres Noches En Mexico

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  1. Ok, first the reasons why I’m giving it only 4 stars: Why couldn’t they put together a Blu-ray deluxe package? I had to choose between buying the full 2-disc DVD + 2 disc CD version or, if I wanted superior audio and video, go with the 1 disc Blu-ray. I definitely think that’s something they should look into for possible future Blu-ray releases. I would have liked the option to get the full 3-day setlist on Blu-Ray. They did the same with the Nimes Blu-Ray of which there is a boxed set version only available on DVD. Again, I opted for the Blu-Ray. Another thing I don’t really like about the Mexico Blu-Ray is that they placed interviews/behind the scenes stuff in-between songs instead of having it separately as Special Features like on the Nimes disc. It’s annoying if I just want to watch and enjoy the concert for it to be interrupted but little bits of fan or band interviews (all in Spanish, by the way).

    The setlist on the Blu-Ray is as follows:

    The Ecstasy Of Gold

    Creeping Death

    For Whom The Bell Tolls

    Ride The Lightning

    Disposable Heroes


    Broken, Beat & Scarred

    The Memory Remains

    Sad But True

    The Unforgiven

    All Nightmare Long

    The Day That Never Comes

    Master Of Puppets

    Fight Fire With Fire

    Nothing Else Matters

    Enter Sandman

    The Wait

    Hit The Lights

    Seek & Destroy

    Since Metallica played three consecutive shows in Mexico City, the footage is from all three nights combined. I was at the concert on the 4th of June and, again, I wish I could have seen all the songs they played that night on Blu-Ray (Blackened, for example is only available on the 2-disc DVD package). The concert was awesome and this disc is extra special for me since I was there. Audio and Video are great…it’s awesome to finally see a Metallica Blu-Ray release. I do think that the Video quality of the Nimes Blu-Ray is slightly better…but that maybe because of the cool venue they played in Nimes. Also, the helicopter footage was clearly not shot in HD as the quality is horrible compared to the rest of the concert footage. BTW…buy both at the Met website instead of here…they’re cheaper there even with shipping!

    Rating: 4 / 5

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