ONIKUMA PS4 Headset -Xbox One Headset Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound Pro Noise Canceling Gaming Headphones with Mic & RGB LED Light Compatible with PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC,GameCube, 35.99, 59.99, $, .

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  • Brand Name: ONIKUMA
  • Series: K10 pro
  • Item model number: K10 pro black
  • Hardware Platform: Nintendo NES, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64
  • Item Weight: 16 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 7.28 x 4.33 x 7.87 inches
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 7.28 x 4.33 x 7.87 inches
  • Color: PS4 HEADSET


Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; ❤Enhanced Immersive Gaming Experience: With high precision 50mm driver, this ps4 headset delivers an incredibly 7. 1 surround sound, brings your vivid sound filed, shock feeling sound. Perfect for all games and music, you can easily make...

User reviews

 I needed a new headset to use on a secondary device for what will be PC gaming. I normally use a Soundblaster Z with an Astro MixAmp and a Sennheiser PC360 headset. With that in mind for my review is as follows.My first impressions were a bit of awe. Awe at the seemingly high quality and feel of the headset itself. The box it came in set my expectations high and I haven't been let down.They are made with a semi-closed-back over the ear design which I'm personally not fond of the images show it looks open, but they're not. Be aware of that. It will cancel most of the sound near you but not fully. The ear cuffs are pleatherish but hard to explain they're a bit like a soft rubber so like leather or vinyl kinda. They have silver(fingerprint magnet) accents on a few parts of the headset that look cool until they get smeared. They are constructed very solidly and nicely. And seem to be made of strong and durable materials. They FEEL very durable and I'm honestly shocked at the quality of this headset for the price. I love that the cord is braided as that means not only should it last longer but that it won't get tangled or slimy as time passes.As for sound, compared to my Sennheiser PC360 headset the sound is a bit on the bassy side but seems to be full and has a decent range to it. Music sounds good, but as mentioned a bit bassy. In FPS games this bass will add pop to explosions and things but might affect hearing footsteps as easy. In most games, this might add more of a theatric feel though so there's that. The mic is VERY sensitive at least on my PC where as a disclaimer I have mic-boost enabled. I did try with mic-boost lower and off and they still held up well. It seems fairly decent and serves its purpose well. It's nothing special, but most gamers only care that it works and don't care too much about trying to sound like they have a studio mic. Not bad and I this ONIKUMA headset via the same aforementioned Soundblaster Z and Astro MixAmp.The inline volume and mic controls work well and is a nice thing to have included. The connectors for a single or double/split 3.5mm jack types are nice to have but be aware that the USB side does not actually seem to handle audio and only serves to power the RGB lighting which also has no way of being controlled. It's either plugged in and on, or unplugged and off. Still, if you like RGB lighting it's a nice thing to have and the effect looks cool. The RGB is a very nice touch and welcome addition. I see most gamers enjoying the light show.Personally I'd suggest buying this if you are in the market for a new headset and are on a budget. You might get a better quality and/or longer-lasting one by spending more on a different pair, but is the quality difference really worth the extra price above these? I'm not so sure. I've stayed away from cheap headsets for years now because I've had them break or not perform well after a short time. These have made me think twice about that. I'm not sure how these will fare into the future but they work amazingly now and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
 These are the absolute best gaming headphones I’ve ever purchased for an efficient price. I play a lot of games that rely on discerning distance, and these are exceptional. I would recommend these headphones to anyone.‼️Update‼️:So I’ve had these headphones for about 2-months, and unfortunately the braided cord has started to detach from the plug in portion where you insert the cord into your console or controller. I’m a causal gamer, so I don’t believe this to be wear and tear. Needless to say, the headphones were great while they were fully functional.
 I bought this as I accidentally broke my previous one. I mainly use this for my PS4. Surprisingly the quality of sound and noise cancellation are great. It sits on my head perfectly and are comfortable for my ears.USB needs to be plugged in inorder for the lights on headset to turn on. USB input and audio input are so close to each other. So if you are using a controller it’s hard to plug usb and audio input at the same time.Other than that this product looks great for its sound quality.

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