OIVO Xbox One Controller Charger, Dual Charging Station with Updated LED Strap, Remote Charger Dock for Xbox One/S/X/Elite Controller – 2 Rechargeable Battery Packs Included, 19.99, 36.99, $, .

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; 【Special Design for All Xbox One Controllers】- Xbox One controller charger with two rechargeable battery packs support RG Xbox One / Xbox One S / Xbox One X / Xbox One Elite controllers; 【Rechargeable & High Speed Charging】- Say goodbye to AA...

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This is a good charger cradle and it includes 2 batteries.They charged pretty quickly and have a bright green indicator when they are done. The 2 included batteries lasted pretty long but they are 600mAh so do not last as long as the official play and charge kit but they are plenty to get a few gaming sessions in.The cradle can hold 2 controllers or just hold the batteries by themselves, which is nice if you are playing with one battery trying to charge the other one.They also include a micro usb port to charge them like the official play and charge kit, but I have not tried that feature out yet and the charge time would depend on the amperage of the charger you use, im sure.Over all it is a sleek looking dock and is a cool place to store the controllers while not using them. The two included batteries are also nice and the entire bundle was a pretty good deal.
EDIT 2: Received my replacement and it's working like it's supposed to! Very happy with the speedy replacement and for being reached out to, to fix the issue with the first charging station. Note, the picture is of this replacement.EDIT: The customer service with this product has been remarkable. They reached out and are honoring the one year warranty by sending me a new charger. After seeing other reviews and pictures of the charger working properly I'm excited to receive the new one and will update again after it arrives.ORIGINAL REVIEW:I thought I was getting the product that had the color changing lights that let you know the batteries were charging. Instead the lights stay green and it's very difficult to tell if it's charging or not. At first it was fine but the battery didn't last nearly as long as disposable batteries but lasted enough for what I needed then switched to the back up battery.Now, after about 2 months, the packs are lasting about an hour max, most times even less. I don't know if its the pack or if it's nit being able to see if it is charging but they are almost unusable. Took the packs out of the controllers to charge alone and this way I can see a small blue light that isn't visible with the controller. The problem with this is that it isn't wanting to charge both at the same time.
I bought this charger on a whim because it was on a Cyber Monday Deal. That was a mistake. I've bought these for other systems, but have always stuck with Nyko or Energizer, and I've never had any problems. This one has two major issues. First , it came with two battery packs, but I could only use one because one of them was broken. It was missing the little plastic tab that actually clips the battery pack into the controller, so the second battery pack wouldn't clip in. The other major issue was the battery itself. They seem very weak. I am not a hardcore gamer, In fact I just upgraded from PS3 to an Xbox One and got this so I wouldn't have to buy batteries. I have never played my playstation long enough for the internal battery to die, but just a couple of hours on these and the batteries are dead already. I wasn't too concerned because they are rechargeable, so I could just switch battery packs, but like I said, the second one doesn't work. They also don't seem to provide as much juice as just using AA Duracell in the controller. When I use these batteries my controller keeps disconnecting from the X-Box. If I switch to regular batteries it fixes the problem. The other issue is that the controller doesn't have enough power to run a stereo headset with these batteries. When I used my headset for the first time with these I could only get the chat to go through the headset, and had to play all of my game sound through the TV. As soon as I had issues with the battery and changed to AAs, the stereo sound from the game started coming through my headset. Unfortunately, I think the box got thrown out so even though I've only had it for a week I don't know that I can return it. It will probably just go in the trash. I'm looking for a better option. Save yourself the time and hassle and just buy a more quality product.

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