OIVO PS4/ Slim/Pro Cooling Station, Vertical Cooling Stand with Upgraded Fan Indicator Lamps, Dual Controller Charger Station and Game Storage for Playstation 4 Console (Regular/Slim/Pro), 28.99, 49.99, $, .

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Product Descriptions: Product Power Supply: USB 5V (Directly connected the USB cable to the console) Product Current: If the PS4 controller is charging, the maximum charge current for a single handle can reach 800MA.The average charge current for both handles is 400MA per one.(Not turn on the...

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I read all the bad reviews first. If you can read and look at pictures you’ll be fine buying this base. Also you will see that the people who said that this product won’t fit a PS4 Pro are wrong. It does fit...(look at the pictures[smh]). The people that say that the fan don’t work, they probably didn’t read the instructions. Omg...just plug the PS4 with the cord provided to the base and press the little button with a fan drawn on it. To wrap this up, this base looks good, firmly holds your PS4 in place and prevents it from tipping. The fans do their job and the design allows for airflow through the bottom very well. I’d recommend this product.
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Fantastic! The charging station works better than I had expected as well as the PS4 slim accessory that keeps it in place. The overall size is not too big or too small. It’s design is made to keep it from falling over. 10/10

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