Official DEAR JOHN Trailer – In Theaters 2/5

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For more Channing & Amanda, visit the official sites at: Become a Fan on Facebook at & follow on Twitter at Directed by Lasse HalstrΓΆm and based on the novel by best-selling author Nicholas Sparks, DEAR JOHN tells the story of John Tyree (Channing Tatum), a young soldier home on leave, and Savannah Curtis (Amanda Seyfried), the idealistic college student he falls in love with during her spring vacation. Over the next seven tumultuous years, the …

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  1. Oh a chick flick! I have to see this!

  2. Why do you think that?

  3. I love seeing her in a different light then being a ditz.

    It looks like a cute movie<3
    But, I don't know if I'll go watch it. (:

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  5. Amanda Seyfried AND Channing Tatum! Its gotta be good!

  6. That really was one of the best movies I have seen in ages! I wish I would have seen it in theaters, but it looked great on

  7. I loovvee the song that plays at the end..
    I wanna see this movieee!!!! πŸ˜€
    Looks kinda sad tho..)’:

  8. it was so damn amazing to watch it. I seriuously just want to see it one more time at movies.ovemedia. com

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  10. cant wait for this movie

  11. not impressed not a big fan of romantic comedy.

  12. Looks like a cute chick flick and/or 20 something date movie…..enjoy girls and guys bring some kleenex for her…………..

  13. looks okay i guess….

  14. alot can happen i few days,weeks,,it’s true

  15. HAHAHHHA –FUNNY,……can’t be true ???

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  17. I used to think this guy way cool, now I think he’s a faggot.

  18. whats the song name they play at the end of this. ?

  19. Great, now Set the Fire to the 3rd Bar will associate associated this movie, instead of getting the popularity it deserves just from being a great song.

  20. i heard she falls in luv with another guy thats why in the ending she says alot can happen in 12 months πŸ™

  21. @neonkiidox33 Set the fire to the 3rd bar is what it’s called

  22. i LOVE the book!
    The only thing i don’t like is that Savannah is suppose to be brunette!


  24. what’s the song at 1:53?

  25. i really wanna see it!!

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