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Designed for Oculus Quest 2, this premium ergonomic strap increases balance and support with a quick twist of the fit wheel. The strap’s built-in battery extends your playtime. Quest 2 Carrying Case fits the Oculus Quest 2 headset, Elite Strap With Battery, 2 Touch controllers, charging cable and...

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If you're reading this, you probably want to know if this is worth spending the extra money on vs the $50 strap.The short answer is yes, and if you were planning to get the case anyways, the extra $30 is really a no brainer.Personally, for me, when I ordered everything, there were no reviews, so I bought both optional straps so I could compare.I'm here to tell you the elite strap (with battery) is better, maybe even a lot better.And I'm not even talking about battery life, I'm talking about comfort.The $50 deluxe strap is definitely a step up from last years quest 1 strap, but it still suffers from the weight imbalance of having a weight in the front.The Elite strap with battery solves that problem in ways I never imagined were important!#1 of course is base comfort - but there are lots of things I didn't think about before buying so let me share those with you: - because of the balance, you need a little less front to back tightness/pressure to keep the quest in place - that adds considerably to the comfort - because of the balance, putting the quest on is far easier - as the quest 'floats in position' while you tighten the strap up and make fine adjustments on your face (with the $50 strap, the quest wants to slide down as you put it on) - because of the balance, the quest moves a little less on your face during use - I was able to play for a decent amount of time without constantly needing to re-adjust the quest. - because of the balance all your neck muscles work about the same - this should be less fatiguing than a front heavy quest.When I originally thought about the elite strap, the above benefits didn't occur to me - I'm sharing them here in hopes that it'll help in your own decision process.Oh and one more cool thing - the quest knows the battery level of both the internal battery, and the external one - and reports both, which I thought was pretty neat.Also if it's not obvious, you charge both the quest, and the battery at the same time - the cable that comes with the quest plugs into the battery pack - the battery pack plugs into the quest - the light on the quest turns green once both are fully charged.Hope this review helps you, please consider marking it helpful if it did!
So, this product does whats its supposed too. Its an elite strap (which is a must in my opinion), with a convenient battery pack that adds about 2 hours of additional time in vr.This also includes a "case". Let's get real, the case is terrible. Its basically tough cardboard and a nice cloth material covering it. The case sucks. When the entire unit is inside, the zipper gets caught very easily on the usb cord from the elite strap. If you want something to keep your quest 2 safe from pets, or children, this will do the job. But if you plan on bringing it on trips, I'd advise something else.My reason for 3 stars is this. I play a fair amount on my pc through oculus link. When I do so, the battery, although very slow, does charge while I'm gaming. So, I hardly see myself playing longer then 2 hours before hooking it up to my pc at some point. So, here comes the issue. I was hoping the back where you charge the external battery would act as a pass-through of some kind. So when its hooked up to the quest, I just hook my link cable to the back of the elite strap and im good to go. That is not the case. You need to unhook the battery cable from the elite strap, and then plug the link cable on the side like normal. Doesn't sound that bad right? But to me, its just another dangling cord, and now I'm left with going..... "The case sucks. The elite strap is awsome. But the battery bank is annoying, and adds just 2 hours, and no pass-through. An anker 10000 mah battery bank that adds SIX to SEVEN hours is only 30 bucks."Sorry for the very lengthy post. But I wanted to give my honest opinion. Unless you like the added weight to counter balance the front, this just simply isn't worth it imo.Save yourself some money. Buy the elite strap, an anker battery bank, and just use the charge cable that came with your quest 2, it should be long enough. Congrats, you just saved yourself 60 bucks, and you now have ever more time with gaming standalone.
Coming off of an original Rift CV1 and a Rift S I knew I'd need to get the Elite Strap due to the somewhat flimsy strap included with the Quest 2... I'm used to more support vs less support. When I saw that they were including a version of the Elite Strap with an added battery and a pretty nice looking case, the choice was made for me!Straight up this battery strap is a very good thing, it extends the internal battery life of your Quest 2 by about 2-3 hours depending on what you're doing (obviously games eat up more power than watching a movie)... at the end of the day you get on average about 4-6 hours of total battery life, which is very useful. Compared to the included Quest 2 material strap, the battery on the back and the extra weight of the plastic helps balance out the weight of the Quest 2 itself making things feel more stable and generally more comfy. Also the adjustment knob at the back of the Elite Strap lets you get a good seal on your face. There is a USB C cable which travels from the battery pack and connects to the USB C port on the Quest 2... for charging both batteries there is a USB C port on the bottom of the battery pack (below the adjustment knob thing). Unfortunately this second USB C port does not allow for pass-through for Link (connecting the Quest 2 to a gaming PC)... you need to unplug the battery cable and let it hang to the side to use link with the main USB C port. This isn't really an issue as the Link hookup itself should keep you charged (if you have a quality cable, like the official Oculus Link cable), but the positioning of the back downward facing USB C port would make for a more logical spot for tethering (vs the front right hand side). Either way it's fine, just a bit of a missed opportunity imho.The case itself is also quite nice, it's a dense zip up clam shell/pod type thing and is covered by a very wooly feeling felt type material... there is also a faux soft leathery strap to carry it with. It's quite nice and does exactly what it's supposed to. Only downside is the lack of (re-pluggable) holes for charging the Quest 2 in the case itself, it needs to be resting halfway out of the case, and even upside down if you have the Elite Battery Strap attached. Also the hidden zipper has stuck a few times when trying to open it for me, but I have managed to work that out. It can get stuck on the USB C cable which connects the battery pack to the headset, you can avoid this by making sure you push it down in the case before zipping it up. Overall a nice hard shell case, especially if you plan on taking it places!At the end of the day, I do think the comfort and extra battery life is worth it and the case is well made, and very cool looking... I'm only removing a star for the minor issues listed above... ie: The lack of a convenient USB C pass-through in the battery pack for Oculus Link and the lack of a charge port, or ports really, along with a possible fussy zipper in the carrying case. Buy it for the comfort factor, the double the battery life factor and the cool case to store it in factor and you're golden! :)Update 1 Oct 22: having used this for a good solid week now I wanted to mention that I have noticed a bit of stress on the back of my head after long sessions if I've tightened the Elite Strap too much. I'm used to clamping down the halo strap on the Rift S, which maybe is not the best path to take with this Elite Strap (functionally similar but different, the Rift S halo tightens around your entire head, while this elite strap simply pulls and holds the visor tighter to your face), I've found that keeping it a little looser has been better... otherwise I still think this is the way to go!Update 2 Nov 19: Wanted to point out one annoyance which has come up, if you leave the fully charged battery pack plugged into the headset and turn the headset off for a couple days (not on standby, actually turn it off), when you come back the battery pack will have zero charge. Why? Who knows, but it kind of sucks. The only solution I've found is to disconnect the USB C cable from the Quest 2 when you turn it off... the battery pack will still have a full charge the next time you plug it in.

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