Non-stop Hip Hop DVD

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This workout includes cool and funky hip hop moves that will raise your heart rate and have you sweating and smiling all at the same time. Get lost in the beat and let go as you move and groove with us…. More >>

Non-stop Hip Hop DVD

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  1. This is from a bunch of dvds from Denise Druce who has a gym club called “She & co.” The dvd has intro to Denise & Missy Jones the instructor, the workout, a 45 second freestyle of Missy alone showing her stuff (she’s good), dancer & about the club & the 20-25 min workout. The dvd has nice graphics.

    This like all the other dvds are low budget, 1 maybe 2 angles & rarely zooms in if ever, but decent sound & if good content & instructor, it can be ignored.

    Missy Jones has a great personality, she keeps you from getting bored. She says she has 12 years of dance experience & loves it & it does show. Her barbie backup dancers can’t dance for anything & when the camera zooms on them it is distracting.

    The moves themselves are mostly step touches, a few poses, a little snake, maybe 2 other good moves. Otherwise even the most beginner which this is for only, will be bored & you will burn more calories walking. Even though it was that easy, Melissa & Donna the backup girls couldn’t even look hip doing the moves.

    After the lame, easy 6 min warm-up that is mostly step touches & almost no stretching, you learn each move & put it into a routine. Which means a lot of repetition which can be good if cool moves you want to get right & that are physically demanding. These moves were not. You learn all moves in real time, repeat it about 6-8x or more, then repeat it again 4x as you redo the routine. There wre only about 8? moves total in 20 min. The cool down was better with real stretches for the neck, waist, lunges, spinal flexion, etc.

    I don’t blame Missy, though she doesn’t give enough cues, she did give some & never slows down to normal speed. She seemed fun & loved to see more of her if she taught in half time at first & gave more body cues.

    I finally found their site at fitessentials net which has previews of a 5 of their 19 dvds.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. I was very excited to get the DVD i am a dancer and had to stop because of school so i though it would be a great way to keep some exercise going. i got the DVD and the quality was terrible and not only that but the DVD was boring. the backup dancer to Missy are terrible which i guess is there to show you that anyone can dance. I think this DVD is only for someone who has never danced before and is looking for something really easy to start off with.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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