NLP Essentials: Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Personal Power and Influence

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NLP Essentials: Neuro-Linguistic Programming Strategies for Personal Power and Influence (2 Disc Set) With the clearly explained ideas on this two DVD set, you can create remarkable personal transformation in your own life, and truly impact other people. Learn to influence others, successfully – naturally! Create personal power in business settings, interpersonal relationships and more! NLP techniques can help you become a more effective communicator, deve… More >>

NLP Essentials: Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Personal Power and Influence

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  1. This DVD set is chock full of information, presented in clear and direct fashon, which would lead anyone watching it to a greater understanding of NLP techniques and applicable methods for every day use.

    It is shot and taught like a hotel based seminar, as Richard once again clearly brings a vast resource and wealth of knowledge about the subject home in clear and easy to understand terms, at an economical price point on this engrossing subject.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. This DVD does exactly what it says its going to do – it teaches the basic concepts of NLP and applies these concepts in a variety of situations where NLP has been used, from sales to personal relationships.

    This video is not for the advanced practitioner of NLP, but rather for one who is looking for a foundational overview of major concepts. The presenter does an excellent job of helping a person to actually use the principles in their own life, to experience power and change.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. The authors statement “How to use cutting edge language patterns to influence people” shows that he is truly ignorant to the basic concept of NLP. The quality of this material reflects the same attitude. Anybody that works with NLP concepts will figure out quickly that it can be used to change yourself and to help others willing to change themselves. Nobody has the power to influence someone that does not wish to be influenced. IMHO the author is not serious about the topic and yet another reason why NLP has such a bad reputation in the public eye.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. I was happy with the DVD, it finally explained what NLP is and how to use it. The examples were very helpful to me in changing some limiting beliefs. The lecture is interesting, uses good examples and really taught me some new things. Learning eye cues was helpful and the downloadable notes were helpful. I liked how the material could be adapted to a lot of different life situations rather than just sales or hypnosis.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. There are some interesting reviews on this product. I’ll give you my two cents and hopefully it will prove helpful.

    The low rating first…well, he is correct on basic production values. I do think this is not that all important. What is important is can I learn from this and if so, what? Still, that is just my opinion. If you can’t stand a DVD without it being polished and flashy then this may be an issue in this DVD.

    Second he talks about being able to use this to train business people. I can see where he might get the impression this could be used for that. On the back cover of the DVD it does talk about using NLP in business situations. It doesn’t claim you can use this DVD as a training DVD but I can see where one might get that.

    Finally he talks about not liking the presentation and it being basic material.

    Everyone isn’t for everyone…Bandler had a pretty rough approach at times. Again, if you are looking for polish and bells and whistles this isn’t the product you are looking for.

    So what about the material?

    It is basic in many areas with some very nice specific applications. I’ll let others argue about how advanced this material may or may not be. There are many large ego’s strutting around the NLP world…I just don’t want to go there.

    What I would like to emphasize is the teaching medium. When I first got exposed to this stuff it was some old Bandler with Frogs into Princes. That was a book and I learned much from it. Next followed a Nightingale-Conant cassette set of Anthony Robbin’s “Unlimited Power”. I got much from this and found the audio presentation to be much better for me than book form.

    Now it is just one step away from talking in person. I very much like the conversational approach…it is very easy to learn from.

    So, should you get this?

    One bad review but he makes some points…it isn’t flashy and it isn’t the hottest, cutting edge stuff out there for the big guns in NLP.

    For normal humans like me though it was a very nice way to learn things in a vastly improved format. I did learn things on this set that will make my life happier.

    I would like to give this four and a half stars (a half point off for production values, if you care about that thing). It won’t let me do a half star so…

    four stars.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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