Nintendo Switch Screen Protector, Maxboost [Works While Docking, 3-Pack] Nintendo Switch HD PET Flexible Ultra-thin Enhanced Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch Gaming Case Console 2017, 6.99, 0, $, .

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THIN IS IN - Only screen protector guaranteed to work with the SWITCH while docked with the main console. World's thinnest (0.1mm) PET flexible screen protector for Nintendo Switch (2017) provides 100% touch accuracy. Scratch-proof and impact absorption for your Nintendo Switch video gamer...

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The flexibility of the screens in case of error is wonderful but I don’t have much issue because of the guide stickers that are included which is wonderful with someone with shaky hands. And I still have 2 left . I luv the squeegeeing lol. Thank you for a wonderful product. My son has went through three other screen protector companies but this one gets two switch joycons up from him and me.
If you're use to glass/hard tempered protectors, those basically just are placed on top of the glass and are extremely easy to get on without bubbles. Following the directions, there were so many air bubbles on the screen it rendered the Switch pretty much useless.SO: Tips- align ONE end, and pull the second plastic piece off VERY slowly (like pulling the back plastic off of a band-aid). As you pull VERY little back at a time, use the hard plastic piece (or a credit/debit card) to immediately press down on the part that is exposed on the back (adhesive part). If you do this VERY slowly, there will be 0 bubbles and you will get a perfect install.Hope this helps!
I don't write reviews often and I have used many screen protectors, ones with even less accessories for putting your screen protector on. and this has to be the worst screen protector ever made first the plastic is cheap and almost hair thin. the film doesn't want to come off with pull tabs meaning you have to spend 15 minutes trying to peel the correct side off from the corner. resulting in a bent corner most of the time and oily finger marks on the adhesive side. 3rd it already has fibers on the adhesive and the cleaning kit leaves behind a ton of fibers. so they give you a dust remover sticker. that leaves a gross sticky adhesive on your screen. so you don't have fibers now, but u have a new smudge. all in all this screen protector blows hard even for 5.99. at that price, just give me one good protector not 3. and maybe spend a little more money on quality instead of cheap useless cleaning kits .

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