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Nintendo Switch allows you to get the family together and enjoy gaming on the big screen; You can also enjoy the console gaming experience on-the-go, without the need for a TV; Play anytime, anywhere, in handheld mode; Share the fun with Joy-Con: Detach the Joy-Con from the Nintendo Switch system...

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 I have been looking to buy the Nintendo Switch for some time, but held off as I knew a new version would come out.This version, model number HAC-001(-01), has the same battery as the original Switch, but the CPU is now more efficient. This is why battery life is around double of what the original system offered.In the box you will get:* Nintendo Switch tablet* Joy-Con Controllers* Joy-Con straps* Nintendo Switch Dock* AC Power Adapter (with type C connection)* Nintendo-branded HDMI cable* ManualApart from the new model number being displayed in the back, this new version looks identical to the original. As such, it will work with all original Nintendo controllers, cases, screen protectors, and other accessories.I've played the Switch a lot at my friend's house. It's a great system. You can play on the move, with friends on a train, or on your television using the docking station. This makes it a better option than the lite in my opinion, particularly as battery life is longer.Recommended.
 I wan refunds pls got Damage in the need to be burnt
Where to begin?This console has been my first in a while, the last being a PS2. Growing up on NES and SNES and N64 has probably engendered some Nintendo bias my way but a PS1,PS2 and an Xbone have also resided under my roof too at various points!The console is a bit expensive and the games aren't cheap either. That being said there are some decent indie games on the online store and a lot of the games have high amounts of replayability/game time so from that perspective present great value for money.The switch is made better by the addition of people - friends preferably! It is clearly meant for multiplayer applications but equally is comfortable as a portable gameboy-esque device for solo, on the go, play as well.Considering its size and hardware the performance is excellent. The game library has more interesting offerings to me compared to the first-person-shooter obsession that seems to exist on xbone/ps4.I will reiterate - it *is* expensive considering its size etc and the fact that you'll probably need a controller or two and a memory card and probably a carrying bag as well as games. However it's not something I regret getting and have been having immense fun with it. What I would suggest is to research what games you want to play and would get enjoyment from.

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