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HORI is pleased to announce the Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro. This larger deluxe version of the racing wheel is ideal for the Mario Kart and racing gamer. The ergonomic wheel design, pedals, and convenient onboard controls were built to create an authentic racing simulation....

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With a proper mounting surface and some patience with the settings you can get a little bit of the Mario GP experience in your home space. Follow the manual to change the amount of turn radius to 180 degrees. The default 270 is better for other racing games with a fuller turn radius. Secondly I found the best dead zone center point is 1 the lowest and the sensitivity setting is best all the way up to the highest setting of 7. This seems to allow for the best ability to make sudden steering changes and adjust to steering into drift. In the higher CC races 150 and up you will start needing to brake more often and these setting work well there. Turning off the smart steering is a must as well in the game. Tilt vs. Analog selection doesn't appear to make a difference. Surprisingly immersive for a fairly basic wheel. The pedals have strong springs and the wheel has a nice feel and size. It snaps back to center perfectly if you are that type of driver. My only complaint would be the super thin paddles that function as R and L they work well but they feel thin and I could see them wearing out after many sessions. The ZR and ZL buttons built into the wheel also support the same functions but they can be hit on accident in the heat of a race. This wheel is fun and sturdy and surprisingly responsive giving me a reason to play MK8 again. I tried this with Asphalt and it is just too fast and twitchy of a racing game for this wheel however.
The media could not be loaded.  This wheel is a much needed addition to the Switch - let's face it, those ring wheel things are just silly - and it is well constructed, with a robust arcade quality feel.NOTE: To get the most out of the Hori Deluxe Pro, you will need a stable, heavy desk and to which you must clamp the wheel using the provided bits and bobs. The suckers are not enough alone: you'll end up shifting the position of the wheel around the desk during the tense parts of the game and you have to try to steer and push down at the same time to avoid this happening. But with the clamp in place, it's rock solid, you can take on any hairpin curves and it won't budge.I bought it mostly for Out Run and Mario Kart and it works brilliantly with both of them. We have two wheels (two Switches) and using the wheel for Mario Kart really levels the playing field. It's challenging, but in a fun way. The pedals could be a little bit further apart (and different in design) but they work fine. Just make sure you pull the footrest/grip out on the pedal unit or it will never stay in place.With the Switch having the definitive home version of Out Run, the Hori wheel gives you as close as you're gonna get to an arcade experience in your basement. The wheel gives much needed extra precision for weaving through traffic, something that is hard to do on the joypads.The wheel works perfectly out of the box with the two games I have tried, although I recommend increasing the sensitivity by one step and reducing the dead zone by two steps. The accompanying manual explains how to do this. Enjoy!It's a shame there is no force feedback but you can't have everything…
I like this wheel, Once you get use to it is very fun to use. Also has different adjustments to try and get the wheel more confy.For those having issues to get the wheel going back to zero degrees when releasing it, you very likely are using the clamp and if so make sure you dont super tight the clamp, I always tight this kind of things as much as I can but I noticed that if you put a lot of force into the clamping the wheel gets stiffer and wont slide back as easy so try loosen the clamp a little until you feel the wheel gets smoother and goes back to zero easier. You have to find that sweet spot where clamping is good and wheel does not get too stiff. As an alternative you have the “Dead Zone” adjustment in case its something else going on.Hope this helps!

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