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5.5″ touch screen; Handheld-only Switch device; Compatible with Nintendo Switch games that support Handheld mode; Battery Life : Approximately 3 – 7 hours *The battery life will depend on the games you play. For instance, the battery will last approximately 4 hours for The Legend of Zelda: Breath...

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I didn't give the product a bad review because this isn't about the product. This is about the people who buy 60 of them and sell them for $600. This is NOT a good business plan first of all, and it also.defeats.the purpose of the switch lite! This system was supposed to be a more cost effective and portable version of the original switch. And to all the resellers, Mark my words this is going to blow up in your face.
I thought people can go to jail Price gougingDoing a disaster
I've always been a big fan of Nintendo handhelds, the original Gameboy leading with Pokemon, the Gameboy Advance with gems like Golden Sun and Advance Wars, the DS smashing it with Phoenix Wright and Elite Beat Agents, finally the 3DS and marvels like Bravely Default.I did'nt jump on the Switch bandwagon immediately as I decided to wait (and wait) until Nintendo released the 'improved' version of the Switch - finally with the lite I could wait no longer (that and Pokemon Sword/Shield are around the corner).The Switch Lite makes an interesting appearance, I do quite like the lurid turquoise colour, its plastic construction is light but solid - it rests easily enough in two hands and the controls feel good. Sound output is quite strong (considering) but you will almost always want to use headphones from the top mounted jack (seems a strange place to put it, the bottom would make more sense). As per a lot of other reviews - no in-built blue-tooth compatibility.Supplied with a fairly bulky USB-C charger, a typical evening of gaming (say 2 or so hours) reduces the battery down to 50% usually. Games like Super Smash Bros, Fire Emblem and Xenoblade 2 look amazing on the screen, puts down my beloved Vita, that's for sure. (never forget the Sony memory-card gate - a superb hari-kiri ever committed by corporation). On the topside of the Switch there are slots for the Micro-SD card and game cartridges, a large memory card is a great idea (think 100gb +) if you are looking to download games, but otherwise the 32gb (or so) of inbuilt memory is plenty for a dozen game cartridges or more.There are certainly times I wish I could dock it into the TV and see games in full screen, but the switch lite is ideal for lunch breaks, travelling and when the other half assumes direct control of the TV. Its a lovely console, sometimes its handheld limitations seem to hold it back, the tiny text for Fire Emblem, the slightly downgraded visuals in certain games and so forth - but on the whole I am really excited to explore the best the Switch has to offer!One minor point - Nintendo games are expensive as anything, picking up four or so games will easily set you back over £160 potentially, the online shop typically adding a £10 premium to most games. Nintendo can charge what they want of course - but do bear this in mind.Suggest Starter Games - Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Mario Karts 8, Zelda Breath of the WildOther Good Picks - Bayonetta 2, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Astral Chain

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