Nintendo Switch Carrying Case – Protective Deluxe Travel Case – Black Ballistic Nylon Exterior – Official Nintendo Licensed Product, 14.99, 19.99, $, .

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RDS Industries, Inc. is the #1 Nintendo Licensed Switch case manufacturer nationwide.; Exterior: Durable hard-shell case made with Ballistic Nylon or PU Leather, comfort grip handle and custom Easy glide zipper.; Interior: Specifically Designed to protect the Joy-Con analog sticks, padded screen...

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Love this case. There was a slight modification I made to it so that the game holders do not fall out when the Switch not in the case. I did this so I do not accidentally and unknowingly loose my investments sometime down the road when I have more games.I simply used a piece of elastic (use lighter to melt ends to keep from fraying) and a few dabs of super glue to keep the game holders in place. Super glue was applied to the 2 ends as well as the center with the elastic slightly stretched. It holds the game holders while case is upside down. I usually do not write reviews, but wanted to share this idea with the community in hopes that it helps someone!
Case is sturdy and seems durable. The zipper is kind of flimsy, so I'm sure that will be the first part to go. Holds the switch with attached joy cons easily, and you can fit a cable in the top. The flap has a small pocket that they list as extra cartridge storage, and that's about all it can be used for, or maybe a wiping cloth and/or those straps for the cons. Underneath the console storage there are two plastic cases to hold 8 games total and 2 inserts that hold 2 micro SD cards in a game slot. There is also a small rectangular recess that I'm not sure what it's for and can't find any good use for. Maybe a small stylus.
Bought this because it was the official Nintendo case and I thought it would be quality. From the exterior it appears that way, however functionally it’s not good.The case dimes with two plastic game cartridge holders that hold 4 games so you could bring 8 in the case. However there isn’t anything other than recess in the bottom of the case to hold them so they fall out all the time. Simply taking the switch out of the case will do it. I mostly use the case when I ride the train and I’ve nearly lost one of these things so I quite using them.As for the switch itself it doesn’t really fit well because the case pushes up against the switches buttons. This often causes the switch to turn on while in the case leaving it with a dead battery. I have an external battery just for extended runtime but I find this to be a necessary addition because of the case.There is a small zippered pocket that can be used for games, but when you consider the other items you might want to fit in the case (e.g headphones and the joycon cover) there just isn’t enough room.Overall this case is probably good for storage or carrying down the street to a friends house, but not for serious travel.

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