Nintendo Switch Afterglow Wireless Deluxe Controller, 500-137 – Nintendo Switch, 38.99, 54.99, $, .

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Cut the cord and go wireless with the Afterglow wireless Deluxe Controller for Nintendo Switch! Choose your favorite color with the Prismatic LED lighting Options and light up your gaming experience. Combine the ease of a wireless Controller with the full color range of our Afterglow Prismatic...

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Maybe I have a defective one but I charge this controller all night and it doesn’t fully charge. I also can’t get the lights to function how they directions say that they should. Also I had a very hard time connecting it, I was able to to connect it to my switch by using the usb cable. My A button sticks a little and is really loud. It’s a cool looking controller and I’m bummed it’s not working properly. The instructions don’t even have a diagram of what the functions are for it either. Also the lights are a cool feature but it’s annoyingly bright. I don’t know if I can exchange or return it as I have already thrown the packaging away.
The controller is beautiful! Something about see through electronics makes me drool! Visibly speaking, this controller is 5 stars. The clear plastic, lights, comfortable in the hands, very light (although I do prefer a little weight in my controller personally 🙃).Speaking usage, eh. My two main games are Super Smash and of course... Animal Crossing. The rumble in Super Smash adds to the action of the fight. The rumble alerts you when fish are biting, if you hit something wrong with a net, amongst a few other functions in Animal Crossing.For $50 I feel the controller should rumble. I could have easily spent $20 extra for the Joy Cons and technically two extra controllers vs one. While reading reviews, I thought I saw that it did vibrate, clearly I read wrong. I’ll probably keep the controller, because it works perfectly in every other aspect, but it would be nice to have vibrations.
I've used this controller for about a week now and I'm really enjoying it. I think it's a great substitute for those who don't want to shell over the cash for a pro-controller (like me). And it lights up in just about any color you can think of! Why more companies don't do this, I'll never know. It's a really nice feature. My only "complaint" is that the left joystick took a few hours for my thumb to get used to only because it's higher up than the joystick on the Switch blue/red controllers. Because of this, I had trouble when it came to making precise decisions in games that required fast reactions such as Katana Zero. Again, I'm not sure if this is because the controller is a little bulky for my female hands or if I just needed to give it more time to get used to the button placements. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who needs an extra controller. I love the feel of it and think the weight of it feels great in your hands. It doesn't feel cheaply made at all.

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