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Plug in the AC adapter and power your Nintendo Switch system from any 120-volt outlet. The AC adapter also allows you to recharge the battery, even while you play.Battery no battery used

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This is not an original product as the description says, not even new. This is a cheap chinese adapter. This is nothing like the picture from the description. Fake.
Read up on USB-C cables and you'll find that powering devices through them can be a tricky thing. It's not like the original USB where everything seemed to be universally adaptable, and if you could plug it in to the port, everything would be fine. Apparently, there's a lot of manufacturers who are making bad USB-C cables and some folks have even fried USB-C chargeable laptops using substandard USB-C cables and adapters.I tried a set of 5-star reviewed cables and found my switch to be running out of batteries even while plugged in. Then I started reading about how many bad usb-c cables there are out there and I realized this adapter probably wasn't a bad impulse buy. So, I got it back out and started using it again. Sure it sucks I can't just plug a simple USB-C to USB-A cable into any usb-AC adapter and run my switch on that, or plug the same cable into my laptop while I'm on a plane. However, I don't want to damage my devices, so until I hear of updated standards, or something better, I'll stick with this.This AC adapter has not failed once since I got the switch, and I've used it a lot. So, my experience coupled with the info that's out there compels me to stick to this adapter, despite inconveniences.Another thing of note: if you aren't doing it already, you should start filtering amazon reviews with The Review Index. There's a plug-in for chrome, or you can paste in the url to the product on their site. This helps you to filter out unverified purchases, and to see if a high percentage of unverified purchase reviews are 5-star and written by review spammers: folks who have hundreds or thousands of reviews, are paid to write dozens of 5-star reviews DAILY and their accounts typically show an average review of 4.75 stars or greater. That's how I found out that most of the USB-C to USB-A cables on amazon are actually bad products, made to look good by hundred of fake 5-star reviews.Amazon is awesome - still my favorite place to shop, but it's better with The Review Index.
Product does not charge my Switch in TV or standalone mode. I unplugged this charger and plugged in the one that came with my switch, and it worked just fine.This charger also has a smaller gauge of wire connecting to the USB C header than the original one that was included with my switch. This seems like a counterfeit product.Also, the technical info printed on the transformer part of the charger is smudged and blurred when compared to the charger that came with my Switch. See attached photo.Definitely not an official Nintendo product and DOES NOT WORK.

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