Nintendo Joy-Con (L)/(R) Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle – Nintendo Switch, 79.99, 0, $, .

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The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Fortnite fleet force Bundle includes a uniquely Designed blue Joy-Con (L) and a yellow Joy-Con (R) Emblazoned with Fortnite imagery inspired by the game's character, peely. It also includes 500 v-bucks and a download code for an in-game Pack with Cosmetic items, such...

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Had it less than 3 months it broke. Now, it keeps making characters wander to the left. Very disappointing considering how ridiculously expensive they are!
This product worked well for the first month or so but then all of a sudden it would spaz out and constantly cause the right analog stick to go right even when left alone I've tried with other peoples switches and it does the same the manufacturer of these needs to review and test their product before selling it to the public
I have a total of 4 joycons, the ones that came with my switch and these ones that I bought. From a company that has been making products since the dawn of gaming, these joycons are a sad excuse for controllers. Bar the fact that R&D obviously didn't do their homework on how controllers should be. QA obviously didn't pay attention to the parts they're using or didn't even bother. The analog sticks are ATROCIOUS. Even with care, they have managed to be "infected" with the stick drift problem and no amount of cleaning will fix these after awhile. These problems also conveniently arise after the warranty stops covering them.For anyone else who wants to buy more controllers for their switch, do yourself a favor, buy either a controller adapter and use a reliable controller or a cheaper 3rd-party controller that offer better reliability

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