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Easy to use Nintendo e-shop card. Scratch the back reveal the number and redeem on the e-shop. Then spend at your leisure. Easy as that.
I am a member of a VERY elite and exclusive organization. Yes ladies and gentlemen. I am a Discover Card "Member".While visiting the Nintendo Eshop, I decided I wanted to get a new game: Super Mario Odyssey.Clickety, click and off I go to their shopping cart.Suddenly my heart sinks. My pulse rises. I can't believe my eyes. Nintendo does not accept Discover Card!Rather than just closing my browser then and there. Grabbing my Switch and tossing it in the trash. I realized this must be some sort of mistake? Clearly. I felt discriminated against, personally attacked even.Breathe for a moment. Settle down. There must be some way around this. My very first thought was Amazon.Well, a moment later and I'm looking at these gift cards. My only worry was how long it would take to receive the codes. How would I receive the codes. Etc.I proceeded. Bought a $50 and a $10 in order to buy the game in question. Went through Amazon checkout with my Discover Card in hand. Within one minute I had everything I needed to place my order with Nintendo. The codes for the eCash were provided instantly and I didn't have to wait at all.Amazon saved the day, and I didn't have to resort to using a different card.Fast transaction, instant codes, happy customer.
This is my son's preferred way to add money to his Nintendo Switch. We order it from Amazon and then he types in the code on his Switch immediately and he's good to go. Getting the code is a bit tricky if you don't know where to look on Amazon. You have to go to Your Orders but instead of the general orders you have to click on the tab that says Digital Orders. There you'll find two sets of numbers. It's the second number you want. We've bought this 'card' in several different increments and all have been great. If you want your child to buy able to purchase games but not have your credit card linked to his/her account, this is a good way to do it.

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