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The Piranha Plant first emerged in the underground of the Super Mario Bros. game. A frequent obstacle for the Mario brothers to overcome, there have been many, many...MANY variations of these vicious vegetables. Get cool in-game extras with amiibo accessories and compatible games. Just tap an...

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Use as a desk plant ornament to show off you're a Mario/Nintendo fan (no watering needing), and to upload ghost data on Ultimate Super Smash Bros--Physical design of the amiibo:Very good design throughout. Love the individual tongue and teeth. Paint (especially on the white spots/dots) are on point. I like how there are random textures on the pot itself and how the leaves has it's own individual curves and not a flat. Great color variation on the stems.--Digital functionality.Only one game thus far that uses this Amiibo for read/write functionality: Ultimate Super Smash BrosLike all other Smash Bros character amiibo, you can save ghost data and level up while you train with them. They'll mimic your play style when you select their ghost data when battling along side them or against them.In terms of other games (that uses Read only), you basically get saved ghost data, random common loot drops (sometimes daily), and/or unlockable costumes depending on the game.Overall, despite the limited games you can use it on; love the physical look of the amiibo and will be on display on my desk for a long time.
This amiibo is an awesome addition to my amiibo collection. Who would of ever imagined a Piranha Plant amiibo as part of the SSB series? This figure is very well made, great attention to detail, no paint smears, or bent leaves. Mr. Plant is brightly colored and detailed and look great next to the rest of the series.In terms of features right now, you can use Piranha Plant in Super Smash Bros Ultimate to get the most features. You can train your amiibo figure to fight as you play with it and level your figure up as you go. You can also use your spirits to boost certain stats to make your amiibo fighter completely unique to you and your style of fighting. Right now, SSBU is the only game compatible with this figure. Other games give small bonuses when scanning any amiibo, but it'll be interesting to see how Nintendo incorporates Piranha Plant into other amiibo supported games. I would imagine a possible update or use in Mario Maker 2 or New Super Mario Deluxe possibly.For NiB (new in box) collectors: my box was in okay condition, but it was packaged with my Subscribe & Save delivery and slightly bent so it could fit in a more narrow box, so ordering other items with your amiibo doesn't necessarily mean you'll get a perfect box.

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