Night of the Creeps

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In this campy chiller, a college couple, in 1959, see an object plummet to Earth like a meteor. The boy accidentally swallows a space-slug that shoots out. In 1986, two freshmen roam the campus and stumble across the corpse of the boy who swallowed the space-slug. Once thawed out, the corpse comes to life…. More >>

Night of the Creeps

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  1. I had to Pre-Order this on Blu Ray

    Night of The Creeps is one of the BEST Horror Movies of The 80’s!!!!!!!

    And has become a Major Cult Film

    There is nothing quit like it

    Switches Genres through-out which works. Goes from Period Piece, to Sci-Fi to Horror, to Sci-Fi Again

    The Opening is so Smart and just plain cool and sets up the story

    For those who never seen it There was a Rip-off/Re-Make in the Form of SLITHER

    Which can’t Hold a candle to Night

    The Cast is Great. Plus u have Tom Atkins who is The Man

    Who can sell being a Bad A** in the League with Charles Bronson

    The BR Disc looks to be fully Loaded with allot of Xtras

    Thank You

    I can’t wait for this BR Disc

    UPDATE 11-7-09 (After watching this BR just a few min. ago)

    I had 2 update My Review

    I’m beyond Pleased with this BR Release

    Keep in mind I haven’t watched this Flick in 19yrs or so

    Seeing it in HD was amazing and made me Fall in love with it all over

    The Transfer is Close to Perfect @ Time I thought i was watching a Argento flick Cause the Colors and Lighting are very Italian Horror looking in Various Scenes

    The Movie does more then Hold up

    The Horror F/X might seem ancient Put up against the Over-Used SGI Green Screen F/X Used Now

    But, almost all the Practical effects look killer…..

    The Audio being DTS 5.1 is top of the Line

    with allot of Great Extras

    I recommend this BR to anyone with a BR Player

    It’s one of the BEST BR I have in my collection 10/10

    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. “Night of the Creeps” was a 1986 fun horror movie. Imagine my surprise finding not only an official DVD release of this cult classic, but also the Blu-Ray edition for pre-sale!

    I have an old VHS copy, as well as a DVD copy I found on-line from a website that no longer exists which has the theatrical version as well as the “Sci-Fi” channel version featuring an extended ending. Much to my chagrin, that copy was not an official copy, but let’s face it, many of our beloved 80s movies will probably never see the light of day onto official DVD, much less Blu-Ray, so I never really complained.

    But this copy should be a good one! The special effects were decent and the humor was abound, starting with the aliens at the beginning sequence up to the ending. I’m wondering if this edition will contain the “extended” edition, as well… but no matter!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. From outer space, a space experiment involving Slug-esque creatures has been launched to Earth in the year 1959. the creatures have broke out as they jump into the mouth of a college student and becomes frozen for a local experiment, over the years in the present which is 1986 things have changed. Two students J.C (Steve Marshall) and Chris (Jason Lively) want to join a fraternity as have a task to bring the frozen dead corpse from the lab and place it in front of a rival frathouse for a prank. Unfortunately the body becomes unfrozen with the critters coming out of it’s skull as it starts to infect some of the students by entering their mouths and go into their brains transforming them into zombie creatures especially finding some fresh bodies to make more zombies. However Detective Cameron (Tom Atkins) begins to investigate these strange murders and disappearences as he discovers that there are creatures roaming the campus and it’s up to him with the two students to destroy those things.

    Well made, thrilling and funny as hell Sci-fi horror comedy from writer-director Fred Dekker who gave us the delightful cult fave “The Monster Squad” is one of the 80’s best and most underrated movies of the genre. It has it all with exploding heads, gore, zombies, aliens, creepy crawlies, and a sarcastic sense of humor here that made it a cult favorite over the years as it also offers great special effects. The film co-stars B-movie legend Dick Miller in a appearence, i strongly recommend this movie.

    This Blu-Ray gives off a stunning transfer of the director’s cut with alternate ending included with terrific picture and sound. The extras are also incredible like featurettes, deleted scenes, trailer, commmentaries, and trivia-Track.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Just why oh why did it take so long for Night of the Creeps to make its way to DVD and Blu-Ray? Whatever the reason, it isn’t important now because here it is, the cult classic from Fred Dekker (who also directed another cult classic that took its time coming to DVD, The Monster Squad), and watching it now, all these later, Night of the Creeps ends up being just as enjoyable as it always has been. A delirious mix of homage to 50’s sci-fi/horror flicks, slasher films, and zombie flicks; Night of the Creeps is just too fun to properly describe in one paragraph, let alone a full review. The film is presented here in all its uncut glory, and it looks and sounds better than it ever has before as well. Not to mention that there is a boatload of special features included here, which in themselves are worth the price of admission alone, and just like the release of The Monster Squad, Dekker displays the love he has for his work. With all that being said, if you enjoy tongue-in-cheek bloody fun with a bit of a morbid sense of humor, Night of the Creeps is wholeheartedly worth your time.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. a real sleeper of a comedy horror watched this when it came out on vhs from cbs fox

    the blu ray disc is great and is real value if you like this genre

    highly recommended

    thrill me
    Rating: 5 / 5

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