NFL New Orleans Saints: Best Games of the 2009 Regular Season

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  • 3 Disc Set
  • New Orleans Saints took the NFL by surprise in 2009
  • GAMES INCLUDED: Saints @ Eagles 9/20/2009 48-22 * Saints @ Dolphins 10/25/2009 46-34 * Saints vs. F
  • Officially Licensed
  • Highest Quality Recording

Product Description
The New Orleans Saints took the NFL by surprise in 2009 ? emerging as a record-challenging offensive powerhouse. Now you can relive the Saints? dominating regular-season run with the original network broadcasts of three of their most memorable games. Watch as Drew Brees and the Saints? offense humiliate the Eagles in Philadelphia. Experience the Monday-night battle in the Bayou against the Falcons. Relive the intensity of the dramatic fourth-quarter comeback against… More >>

NFL New Orleans Saints: Best Games of the 2009 Regular Season

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  1. Shouldn’t they wait til they actually win something before releasing their greatest games video? If they don’t win the Super Bowl, Saints fans will look at these games as just a tease, and everyone else will just laugh at it. Kinda like the video the Mets released about their 2006 season.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Lets start with Miami, where the saints after starting 5-0. The Saints started off down by 21 points. Drew and company led a comeback to beat them 46-34 and keep there undefeated season alive. Next was the Falcons, where the saints defense had a big day with three interceptions and led them to a 35-27 Victory. Then finally there huge game against the Patriots, where there defense and offense took down Brady and the Patriots 38-17. All of these games were great. But I would have taken out the Falcons game and put in the game against the Redskins, where they had a lot of big plays and came back to win in overtime. But I think they wanted to include a Falcons game since they are rivals. But all in all this was a great DVD showcasing some of the best games for the saints of the year and of all time.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. I have Saints Season Tickets and actually attended the New England and Atlanta Games. It is great to see the games again as they led to the Super Bowl victory. The 3 stars is because the games are not in HiDef as they were on broadcast TV. I know it can be done, because the Florida BCS championship DVDs that I have are in “widescreen”. That being said, it was a wonderful season and I love having these games as a souvenir. WHO DAT!!
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. Saints vs. Dolphins – 10/25/2009 – 46-34

    Saints vs. Falcons – 11/2/2009 – 35-27

    Saints vs. Patriots – 11/30/2009 – 38-17

    These were really good games for the saints this year they could win the super bowl this is a good set if you want to relive the saints 2009 season
    Rating: 4 / 5

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