Mysteries of Egypt Boxed Set / Ramesses II, The Pharaohs, Ancient Egypt

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This unique series provides an authoritative and entertaining look at the wonders of Ancient Egypt. Each program in the series features on-location footage, specially filmed re-constructions, plus historic images and expert commentary and analyses. This thought provoking series is an invaluable addition to the video collection of anyone interested in Egyptology. Includes Rameses, The Pharoahs, and Ancient Egypt.Ramesses IIThere was no more glorious Egyptian ruler than Rames… More >>

Mysteries of Egypt Boxed Set / Ramesses II, The Pharaohs, Ancient Egypt

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  1. This set is just ok. The information is dated and the interviews are uninteresting and bland. The scenery is wonderful and that alone makes it an ok video experience. But if you are looking for good information in a dynamic presentation check out the various National Geographic dvds on ancient Egypt. Also the “reenactment scenes” are laughable. The ancients did NOT wear gold lame…come on even plain linen would have looked better.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. The Mysteries of Egypt, a three-DVD set, transports viewers back to Ancient Egypt, a civilization that spanned over three millennia. The series covers Ancient Egypt, The Pharaohs, and Ramesses II, the greatest of all pharaohs. Of the three DVDs, Ramesses II is by far the weakest. Ramesses II DVD blends the splendors of his reign with some lousy acting. The reenacting of the king’s role in the battle of Kadesh and the life at his court is a chore to watch.

    Despite this weakness, the series usually shines in guiding viewers through the Nile valley and its delta. Spectators get introduced to ancient marvels such as the Giza Pyramids and their watchful Sphinx, Luxor, Deir el-Bahri of Queen Hatshepsut, and the well-preserved tomb of Pharaoh Toutankhamon. The authors of the series masterfully combine with one another the insights of knowledgeable Egyptologists, computer animation, and a usually credible reenacting of the daily life in Egypt to offer viewers a panoramic view of Ancient Egypt.

    Despite its downfall more than two millennia ago, Ancient Egypt continues to fascinate the human mind. The longevity of this civilization is unmatched. Although modern Egyptologists, starting with Jean-François Champollion, have made many discoveries since 1822, they have their work cut for them. Ancient Egypt still has many secrets to reveal. Therefore, Ancient Egypt will continue to generate one DVD collection after the other for the foreseeable future.

    Rating: 4 / 5

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