Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta Limited Boxed Set

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VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES!! – Featuring exclusive Zeta Gundam artwork by famed artist, Tsukasa Kotobuki (Saber Marionette J) – Limited Collector’s DVD Art Box featuring ‘Thinpak’ packaging – Exclusive collection of Zeta Gundam collectable figures/pencil sharpeners – Exclusive Zeta Gundam Poster – 48 page Zeta Gundam ‘encyclopedia’ booklet Universal Century 0087, Seven years have past since the defeat of the Zeon army during what has now become known as the ‘One Year War’…. More >>

Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta Limited Boxed Set

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  1. I’ve been a Gundam fan for years. I’ve seen about every Gundam out there at this point. Understandably I was eager to see what many had bandied about as the greatest Gundam ever. Finally the box set arrived on my doorstep. After getting around the damaged DVDs I finally watched the show, and found it to be empty. Totally empty. There are no characters. No development. Nothing changes. Key plot points are skipped over or ignored. The animation is a bit meh for a show of its period. (When comparing it to Macross at least.[And that’s going by the aged Robotech DVDs.])

    Honestly, the writing was simply terrible, the plotting boring, wandering, and without focus. Tomino’s normal pizzazz for mecha fights was… missing.

    This is everything a good show should NOT be. Character drama? Where? The characters were boring, didn’t react naturally, or reacted just the right way to get them killed. Epic story? The show doesn’t even give you a good sense of the various factions beliefs, goals, or force distribution. All key.

    Other reviewers mention characters changing allegiances. This actually happens all of twice in the whole show. Once right away, and again about two thirds of the way through for no real reason. This characters actual motivations aren’t made clear at all. There is no drama here. For there to be drama things have to change. Everybody ends the show exactly how they began it, or dead since Tomino thinks killing people is a good way to develop them. The so called romances were mind staggeringly boring. The characters didn’t seem like they even knew who each other were other than a face. And yet they’re in deep ever lasting love. What?

    For an actual quality Gundam go watch F91, X, Seed, ZZ, the original trilogy, 08th MS. Heck, practically anything that isn’t Zeta.

    I don’t normally review things, as I find the given reviews are usually fairly accurate, yet I find any love for Zeta to be offensive as a thinking human being, hence I had to actually write one for once. And then I get an actual response. Is that even normal? Allowed? In anycase, I find myself having to defend my position. Her comments will be marked off with a simple “**”, mine not. (As I don’t even know if Amazon lets me italicize.)

    88As someone who tends to leave negative reviews on, I’m usually not one to respond to specific reviews. But Michael Regan’s review of Zeta Gundam just irked me so much that I felt compelled to defend one of the best Gundam series ever.

    Mr. Regan first stated that the show’s plot was an absolute mess. Are you kidding? Zeta was my first UC Gundam series; it is complicated and deep, but not incomprehensive. The plot is interesting because of all of the political intrigue, not to mention the fact that the enemy in this series was the “good” guy only seven years prior. I cannot think of one plot point that was touched upon and then abandoned.**

    By mess I mean the blasted thing jerked around from so many different plot threads and ideas that no cohesive story was told. It had to many things trying to happen, and to many pointless battle, or MS of the week episodes. Also, half the time the Titans were shown the be independant in some way of the Federation, and the other half not.

    **The new factions are clearly elaborated upon; the old ones should be old hat to a Gundam fan. Also, the Titans thing was continued from 0083. Remember, Gundam carries on over from other series.**

    Clearly elaborated on? Really? So the Titans are an Earth supremicest group who only alow Earthnoids in yet happilly work with Axis, and before that, before they were scared, sign up a guy from Jupiter?

    Also, of course the Titans were shown being created in 0083. But that was made years later, so it’s not worth noting when speaking of Z.

    **As for characters… Unlike Aristotle, I believe that characters are more important than plot, and in this category Zeta has some of the best around. Mr. Regan accused the characters of not developing or changing. Was he sleeping for the entire thing? Because every central character goes through development and changes in some way. The best example would be Camille, who gradually matures throughout the series. No one is simply 2-d; even the Titans, who are the big bad guys, are shown as human and even sometimes likable (like Maua Pharoah; I cannot think of one person who does not like her, despite her being a “villain”) Even Jerid grows; as his hatred for Camille deepens and as he sets out to avenge what Camille did to him, just makes things worse. Minor characters too are given amazingly detailed background, like Rosamia Badam for instance.**

    I agree that characters are the most important thing in a story. It is characters that move the plot. Unfortunatelly Zeta had no developed characters to speak of. All stayed about the same. Jerid stayed an idiotic jerk who only wanted revenge throughout the whole show. Kamille matured some sure, but that’s about it for character growth. No other character actually changed. You just got to see a bit more of their true self now and then maybe. Never change.

    And you’ve just met a person who doesn’t like Maou. I found her to be offensibly stupid. I mean she liked Jerid after all. The largest windbag and waste of screen time I’ve ever seen in a Gundam show. Please tell me what Rosamia’s back story was. I must have napped through it. All she had were maybe memories of a brother.

    **Mr. Regan also reprehends the massive death count in Zeta as a means of character development. It is most certainly not intended to be such. Zeta is just being realistic; in war, people die. Sometimes before you get enough of a chance to know them.**

    Which is fairly shoddy story telling for a TV show. I mean, am I supossed to care that spineless Four died? Elpe’s death was far sadder, as she made a choice to try to have a family and died protecting it. (Refering to your last sentence only there.) And I believe I was referring to how characters were only shown changing, or even having emotions when somebody died. Not the count. As 0080 showed us, sometimes it’s not the number that died, it’s the who and how.

    **As for the defection at the end; it’s a stupid reason, but believable enough. No less believable than Shiro Armada deserting the EF to be with Aina (and I believe that Mr. Regan praised 08th MS Team at the end) **

    He deserted the EF basically because he wanted to stop the fighting, not so much to be with Aina. That was really more of a bonus. Anywho, the defection in Zeta was fairly pointless. Again, I couldn’t even tell what I was supossed to feel about that character. Sorry for her? Angry? I just wanted her to die and get off my screen really.

    **Animation-wise… you should know by now that if you care about animation, Gundam is not for you. I personally like Zeta’s animation; I think Kitazume and Yas were a wonderful team.**

    I’m sorry, but if a show made of that time couldn’t look as good as other shows of that time, then it’s lacking a bit. Now, I’m not saying it’s dreadful looking, just that it wasn’t as well animated as I expected.

    **As for the romances… are you kidding me? Camille/Four was at least better developed than Amuro/Lalah; and they were Newtypes so of course they fell in love easily. Camille/Fa was awesome because it could have been done like Amuro/Frau, but was taken in a different direction. Jerid and his respective romances softened up a character whom by all rights should have been entirely hated (most people tell me that they hated Jerid until Maua came along) Amuro/Beltochika was cute because Beltochika wasn’t afraid to speak her mind to him. And who didn’t love how Paptimus manipulated women, putting them under his spell with just one fluid hand movement? This may go without saying, but it’s fun to see where the MSG relationships ended up as well. **

    Kamille and Fa was probably the best in the show, sadly towards the end it seemed to finally be building yet never go anywhere. Kamille and Four I hated, as the two had no chemistry, Four bothered me a lot, and Kamille barelly even reacted to her death. He was okay and back to showing no emotion two episodes later. Jerid and Mauo, again I hated as Jerid was such a horrible human being with no redeeming qualities the idea of anybody loving him, much less a seemingly normal girl like Maou I found absurd. Beltorchika I actually liked as a character and found to be a breath of fresh air in the otherwise staggeringly dull cast of Zeta. Paptimus too just annoyed me. The idea that he could so easilly control these people was unbelievable at best.

    **If you are not already convinced that Mr. Regan doesn’t know what he is talking about as far as Gundam is concerned, you only has to look at the last part of his review for the message to hit home:

    “For an actual quality Gundam go watch F91, X, Seed, ZZ, the original trilogy, 08th MS. Heck, practically anything that isn’t Zeta.”

    Let’s see here. F-91 was a series crammed into a movie that copied many old Gundam cliches.**

    Very true. Yet I think it did it very well without getting either to cliched, or lacking in logic.

    **SEED actually forgets the reason Gundam was made in the first place.**

    How so?

    **08th MS Team… and Mr. Regan complains about awful romances? In 08th the commander ditches his band of brothers for a piece of hot Zeon tail he’s only known for two days. And he isn’t even a Newtype!**

    Indeed. That was the most annoying part of 08th, and I was most pleased with how Miller’s Report ditched the “I love you line”. It made the two seem more like people with chemistry who both wanted to stop the fighting. And again, Shiro didn’t ditch the EF in order to be with Aina, but rather he wanted to stop the fighting and killing. It’s worth noting that that EF commanding officer was rather evil and Titan material.

    Here I must comment on Newtypes: I must say I hate how Gundam went from having them have a higher empathic ability and understanding in order to show what was needed between people to stop and end war to being a mystical semi Jedi breed of human. I want space fantasy I’ll watch or read Star Wars. I want something a bit harder and more real I should be able to go to Gundam. Sadly, after viewing Zeta I feel I can’t anymore.

    **The most offensive comment to me was ZZ. Has Mr. Regan *seen* ZZ? I doubt it, because if he has he would be praising Zeta to the high heavens. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of sitting through ZZ, and it is without a doubt the worst UC series in existence.**

    I can’t disagree more. I found it to be the best. Delivering MSG’s overall messages with a bit more of a developing and dramatic story to it. I also found Elpe’s death to easilly be the saddest death in any Gundam.

    **So, you’ll have to excuse me for questioning Mr. Regan’s judgment as far as Gundam is concerned. I wrote this for those people who are reading reviews to determine if something should be watched. I do not want prospective Zeta fans to be deterred by Mr. Regan’s rather ignorant comments. Also, I would like Zeta to have five stars.**

    I’m not ignorant, I rather have a dissenting point of view based on the rubish that was Zeta Gundam. It had potential, but then didn’t give me any characters to care about, or to get attatched to. Nor a developing plot with energy or direction. Honestly, a battle as big as Jabura was devilivered with the same amount of energy as a standard skirmish with two other suits. Just bad directing there. I have hopes that the new Zeta trilogy will clear a good deal of this up. We’ll see.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. “Now that the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam DVD boxed set is reaching the hands of consumers it’s come to light that the American release of the series has replaced the show’s original vocal opening and ending theme songs with instrumental pieces taken from within the show. According to Bandai Entertainment, “The opening was not changed intentionally, but instead because there were licensing issues when being brought over from Japan. It was a compromise that had to be made in order to release the series here in the states.” Numerous fans have been outraged primarily by the fact that Bandai Entertainment did not reveal the significant change to the series until after it was already reaching customers.

    Source: Anime on DVD”

    Fans that pre-ordered or bought this boxed set have been betrayed by Bandai because they did not inform us that they have EDITED the opening and closing sequences to this great Anime.As fans of UNEDITED animation, we should be compensated for this vile act of treachery.We paid good money for the TV series that we remembered as a hallmark in Anime history.The boxed set does not even come with any extras.I do not want little trinkets(pencil sharpeners)when I much rather see this TV series as it was originally intended!

    Bandai has yet to provide a formal statement explaining why this has occurred.If they truly cared about their fan base(the customers),they would have informed us of the situation earlier and do what was in their power to present us with an UNEDITED ZETA GUNDAM.A recall is in order or at least they could send us a copy of the original opening and closing sequences.

    Many people spent about about $200 dollars for what they thought was the Zeta Gundam that they remembered or heard about.Bandai was more interested in lining there pockets instead of the fans’ interests!I am not interested in paying another $200 in the future for a boxed set that is unalter because I believe I already paid for that Zeta Gundam!Bandai should issue a recall or give the customers a disc of extras that contain the original opening and ending credits with the original music intact because BANDAI HID THE FACT THAT THE SERIES WAS EDITED and DID NOT INFORM THE FANS/CUSTOMERS!

    SIEG ZEON!!!!
    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. It is one of the best, if not the best gundam series ever. BUT, for whatever bizarre reason, the original opening and ending songs have been deleted. WHY???

    Otherwise, I would give this series 5 stars.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. Yes yes we all know about the original op&ed songs being missing but I knew that before I purchased a set so it wasn’t that a big deal to me. Sure it really would be great they keep them but it’s some licensing problem so they probably didn’t want to shell out extra cash for a release that’s probably not gonna sell many copies compare to newer gundam series. My complaint isn’t about the songs but the subtitle they put in. For those who “didn’t” notice, the subtitle(only 1 version) used in these dvd are actually for the English voice track and in many occasion are way different than they are suppose to be. It was rather painful for me to watch it while having to translate the right line in my head. Another thing that kinda tick me off is the ending credit listing. All they used are the same list with most of the cast every time instead of actually listing the cast and staff for each episode. Also they used….Alphabetical order even for Japanese cast?! What are they thinking?! I really would like they keep the original list in Japanese like some of their gundam dvds have.

    Seriously I’d rather they use the fund for those MS pencil sharpner into the actual dvd content itself instead to make it better. The slim cases and new cover arts are very nice so I’ll give them that. The video and sounds are good also. Hopefully Bandai will fix those problem with ZZ&V Gundam next time…that’s “if” they do though.:) Sure took them long enough for Z and the result isn’t as good as us fans wanted.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. (NO SPOILERS) This part of the show takes place between Mobile Suit Gundam and Char’s Counterattack. Due to the dark and often sad nature of this series, like normal it is always serious and will not dissappoint, it is worth the money especialy for those who have waited many long years. Buy it here for 40 dollars less than at other places. This is a must for any gundam fan, don’t be stupid and see it before you see the original.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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