Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Complete Operations Boxed Set

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Gundam Wing (1995-96), a 49-part series in the Alternate Universe continuity, scored a hit in the U.S. when it aired on the Cartoon Network. In the year 195 A.C. (After Colony), much of humanity has emigrated to orbiting Space Colonies; those who remained on Earth are governed by the oppressive United Earth Sphere Alliance. But the real power is wielded by the sinister Romefeller Foundation, whose directors plot to control Earth and the Colonies through their puppet mi… More >>

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Complete Operations Boxed Set

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  1. Gundam Wing is only popular because of the drooling fangirl favorite bishonen are in it. This show however well animated and developed(that’s sarcasm) is terribly dull and I couldn’t watch more than five minutes of it when it was on television.

    This show is vastly overrated like a majority of the so called good anime. It’s faults are overlooked due to the fact hat this show is anime it’s suddenly considered good. No matter how weakly constructed the storyline or character development is.

    Sucn undeserving fanfare for such a piece of turd.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. i was going to buy this set cause i had good memoreys of it when it ran on cartoon network but when i droped my ps2 controller behind the tv stand i found a dusty old vcr and 12 vhs tapes

    I HAD TAPED THIS ENTIRE SEARIES ALONG WITH MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM and RONIN WARRERS AND MORE this is a great seareis it has alot of political stuff wich is cool and action im just glad i found that old vcr and tapes before i bought it!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Even before I was a UC fan, when I was a “Winger,” I found this series horribly boring. I think I only watched one episode… mostly I rewatched EW, which made GW a little more interesting.

    Where do I begin… the characters are flat, stale, and wholely unlikable. The men are emotionally constipated pricks who ramble on about how they feel but never actually show it. The women, for some reason, drool over them anyway. Just like the fangirls of the series, I suppose. Btw, if anyone likes Wing for the romances, I seriously think that you need to explore more of what’s out there.

    As for the war, Wing’s portrayal of war is absolutely horrible. There is no military structure. Maybe that doesn’t bother you, seeing these pilots attack places like a sleeping military academy or shooting down planes. And maybe it doesn’t bother you that none of the OZ grunts that are killed even have names, or say anything beyond “It’s a Gundam!!!!!” And yes, the Gundams are invincible unless the plot calls for something to happen, in which case it does. I mean, Heero survives falling off of a freaking cliff…

    As much as I hate to parrot the ol’ UC argument, Zechs IS a Char ripoff. I hate how they made Relena Zechs’ sister without ever even alluding to it before. It’s just like “Hey, Relena, he’s your brother.” And the Cinq Kingdom thing was incredibly dumb. I liked how Relena went from a sheltered rich kid to a capable politician… of course, she is the most hated character in Wing, maybe because she actually develops.

    I am very upset by people who say that MSG sucks because Amuro whines too much. Um, there are plenty of reasons to like MSG beyond Amuro. But I digress. Anyway, there are also people who say that we don’t like Wing because we don’t understand it. Hate to burst your bubble, but it’s impossible to understand Wing, because it makes no sense. The philosophy is just there for the sake of making the show seem deep, and it works like a charm.

    I don’t know what to say now… frankly, I would not recommend Wing if you are looking for a good war story with intriguing politics and engaging characters. I’d recommend any other Gundam series over Wing, with the exception of SEED and SEED: D.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Gundam Wing, were do I start on this terrible wannabe Gundam? People this is one of the worst animes I ever seen and believe me I watch many animes and watch tons of Gundam. First off top ten reasons it sucks;

    1) Zechs’ uniform, mask, and hair color are all such blatant rip off of the great Char Aznable. It makes me sick to my stomach looking at Zechs. Not to mention the long lost sisters and abandoned first names that are strangely foreign sounding. Wow, nice thought process on that whoever made up Zechs. 2) The Wing Gundam self destruction. Heero lived! It was repaired! You can’t live through that explosion, and you can’t repair a pile of ash! Its what I call “impossible”. 3) The Gundam crew are all hypocrites. Especially stupid Wufei. He goes into speeches about honor and then goes and attacks some solders in their sleep, wow nice showing the “honor” buddy! 4) The show was not created by Yoshiyuki Tomino and/or Hajime Yatate. Those two guys are the only ones that can make a decent or great gundam show. 5) What in the world are Treize’s motives?? Why is he doing all this? What does he want?!! 6) OZ soldiers don’t seem to know how to dodge. 7) Total disregard for the laws of physics, people! Heero is a human being, correct? Well Heero cannot fall from the fifteenth story of a skyscraper and just suffer a broken leg. 8) Trieze had nearly 500,000 people die for him!? What the heck!? That was in only one year! Soldiers in a futuristic era can’t suck that bad! Or maybe they do! 9) The Gundams are nearly invincible. 10) Noin is an airhead. She chose to let Wu Fei live, even though he attacked and killed her men in their sleep. Disgusting if you ask me.

    That’s why Gundam Wing sucks. There are also more reasons but ten should give you the picture.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. Its good enough with awsome ms action that all gundam fans love its good. But theres a bad side to it the final fight scene was to close to Chars Counter Attack its not even funny. And sometimes the battles could of been aviod. But what keeps this series up is its Charactor building . Like Heero becoming a nice guy and Quatre becaing less gay its. All in all if u like gundam get it but if u just stared watching pick up Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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