MiniDisc – Still Alive and Well – Plus Mini DVD Movies!

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Minidisc: Let’s take a look at two formats that took advantage of recording on small optical discs using a laser. The Sony Mindisc and the Sony DVD-R camcorder. Can you play a mini DVD movie on a Sony DVD camcorder? We will test this concept, plus you’ll see actual footage created with the DVD-R camcorder.

The databits channel is pleased to provide you with the best in new tech, vintage and oddity gadgets, media formats, repair projects, electronic experiments and restorations of thrift store finds. There are also many “how to” and instructional titles. The goal is to search through garage sales, antique malls and resale shops for gadgets you didn’t know existed, electronic toys you had as a kid, stereo or turntables your parents used or a film projector your school used to teach you valuable lessons. Typically we produce one video a week with several trips to a thrift store per month. Sometimes, through research, an item is searched for on ebay and purchased for review. A list of some of the most popular items watched here on the channel are: record cutting on various materials, DLP television repairs, VCR’s, Camcorders, turntables, record players, records, car reviews and dictation equipment.

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